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Thread: Pornstars in games

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    Pornstars in games

    I've done this myself (see attached images), I've come across a few and it got me wondering.

    How many others use Porn Star names for game characters?

    The two Star Trek characters below are Louise Jenson and Rebekah Dee, I would have added my third (Shay Hendrix), but I can only upload three attachments at a time. I'll admit to having a few others in there too, but only by their first names, so no one but me knows who they're named after.
    I've also come across at least one Chasey Lain in Star Trek online.

    Louise Jenson crop.jpg
    Rebekah Dee crop.jpg

    As of 10 minutes ago, 71 Lexi Belle's being played on the Warcraft EU servers.


    So, come and spill the beans. Who's got a Porn Star game character and is willing to admit it?
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    Re: Pornstars in games

    Nah, never done that myself. When I used to play a lot of MP you'd see some, or some play on the name anyway.

    It does remind me of that dude though, who was a bit of a legend on the old BSN Forums (before they closed them down) who used to make multiple accounts using pornstar names. Then he'd go on a bender and post the most outrageous porn all over the place trying to see how long it'd take the Mods to track it down and ban his ass only to pop again a couple of days later.

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    Re: Pornstars in games

    Kinda related, but there's a free shooting game on the 3DS called "Face Raiders" where you take a picture of yourself or your friends, and their head becomes the enemies.
    I just took pictures of porn stars so now it's a game about firing your load into pornstars faces.

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