Chapter Three

I woke to her sucking mouth. I pumped two loads into her that morning. One in her cunt in bed and one down her throat in the shower. It seemed we spent the next week in bed. We lived on delivered pizza. I introduced her to anal sex, which she took to like a duck to water. I also started showing her various films from my porno collection depicting the various forms of kinky sex I enjoyed. She was ready and willing to do whatever I asked her to. She seemed to always be wet and ready. Sometimes I would just bend her over whatever likely surface was nearby, pull her panties down and slick my cock inside her. I couldn't seem to get enough of her.

Real life did eventually intrude. For mere survival we had to start leaving the house sometimes, although we would usually be fucking like rabbits as soon as the door shut behind us when we got home again. I had a monthly fishing trip with two of my buddies that I couldn't miss. Cyndi never accompanied me on these trips with my friends, but this time she begged to go along. My two friends were as sexually deviant as I was, so I warned her I couldn't be responsible for what happened if she wore that red thong bikini on Dan's boat.

I called Dan and asked if my daughter could go along. "Ron, you know this trip is supposed to be just us guys!" He said. He grumbled, but agreed. This was a male bonding kind of trip. No women had ever been allowed. He would make an exception for my daughter.

We met Dan and Greg at the marina. I saw both men give my daughter a once over when we arrived. She was wearing short cut off jeans and a crop top that exposed her belly button piercing. Greg commented that she'd really grown since he'd seen her last.

Dan owns a big ass cabin cruiser. I'm not a boat kinda guy, so I don't know how many feet. It's a big ass cabin cruiser, okay? It has several small bedrooms, a living room type space complete with satellite TV. It's state of the art. There are seating areas on the stern deck in the back and a place where you can sun yourself on the bow.

Dan guided the cruiser out of the marina and into the bay. We rounded the point and headed into the open ocean. We were supposed to be deep sea fishing this time, so Dan went a couple of miles offshore before dropping anchor.

Cydi had disappeared after grabbing a soda. I assumed she was sunning herself on the bow of the boat while we were heading to our fishing spot. Dan anchored the boat and Greg and I began to get the fishing gear out. When Dan came back to the stern, he said, "You're daughter's filled out some since the last time I saw her."

I was dying to tell them I'd been nailing her for a couple of weeks. This was just the type of thing that would appeal to their jaded tastes. I couldn't say anything without Cyndi's permission and I was sure she wouldn't agree. Probably better that way.

"Yeah, she's a pretty girl." I said.

"That red bikini is something else, let me tell you." Dan said. He would have been able to see her on the bow while piloting the boat.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" I said. "I told her not to wear that bikini!" She only had one red one, so I knew it was the thong.

Greg wasted no time scampering up the ladder to see for himself. "Holy Mother of God," was his reaction.

Dan and I joined him. Cyndi was lying on her stomach and her perfect ass was on display. The thong disappearing into her ass crack was enough to make a dead man get a woody.

"Wow!" Dan said. "She wasn't lying on her stomach when I saw her. I didn't know it was a thong."

"That little slut is asking for it." I said. "I warned her, but would she listen to me?"

Dan and Greg looked at me, a little surprised I was calling my own daughter a slut. I looked back down at her just as she rolled over. She had taken her top off. She was lying there almost naked. Given the warning I had given her, there was no mistaking her intent. She wanted to fuck every man on this boat. "That's my girl." I thought to myself.

I looked over at my friends, who were riveted by the sight of all that luscious teen skin on display. I thought about how it would feel to watch them fuck my daughter. I could put a stop to this before it ever started. All I had to do was go forward and tell Cyndi to put her top back on. My friends would never dream of doing anything to her without my permission.

"Well, gentlemen, I guess we'll just have to give the lady what she's asking for." I said, smiling.

They looked at me like I was crazy. Dan was the first to catch on. "You're fucking her, aren't you!"

"For about two weeks now." I said sheepishly.

"You sly fucking dog." Greg said.

"Ok, all I ask is that we do her one at a time at first. I don't want to scare her."

"Who gets to go first?" Dan asked.

"I'll let you guys go first." I said. "Flip a coin."

They flipped and Dan won. I told him that if she rebuffed him in any way the deal was off. I also asked him to take her into one of the bedrooms. Group sex could come later. Actually if she agreed to fuck both my friends in private I was going to force her to take me in front of them.

She didn't disappoint me. Dan went up front and chatted her up for a few minutes. She made no move to cover herself. She willingly followed him when he invited her to the bedroom. Greg and I sat in the living area drinking beer, cocks hard as rocks. Greg asked me how she was and I told him she was the best I'd ever had, which was saying a lot.

It wasn't long before we heard full-throated sounds of passion coming from the main bedroom. Jesus I wished I could see what was going on in there. We had agreed that each man would get one orgasm before giving her up to the next man. Dan would tell Cyndi Greg was planning to follow him and ask her if she agreed to fuck him too. If she said no, it stopped there. If she said yes, Greg was to bring her back out with him when he was through. Naked.

Dan came stumbling out smiling and told Greg to go right in. He grabbed a beer and flopped down on the couch.

"That bitch has one tight fucking cunt." He said. "You been fucking her for two weeks?"

"Night and day, my friend." I said.

"She bi-curious?"

"Well, she's definitely curious."

"Man, we've got to introduce her to Lola!"

The thought of watching my daughter entwined with the delectable Lola while she taught her the pleasures a woman's tongue could bring her almost made me cum in my shorts.

"All in good time, my friend."

Greg took his time. I could hear my daughter's moans of delight caused by whatever he was doing to her. We finally heard him shout and figured he had done the deed.

The door opened and Greg came out pulling up his shorts. My daughter followed him naked as the day she was born. Cum was running down her leg. I motioned her over to me and order her to kneel at my feet. I took my throbbing cock out of my shorts and she sucked me down right away with considerably more skill than she had the first time. I'd taught her a trick or two.

"Why are you doing this, baby." I asked her.

My cock popped out of her mouth and she looked up at me. "I knew it's what you wanted, Daddy." She said. "More important, it's what I want."

"That's all I needed to hear, sweetheart. Now suck Daddy's cock for him."

She did.


We walked together into the sex party. Everyone was wearing black party masks over their eyes. Cyndi took off a long coat to reveal herself wearing a skintight see-through lace body suit. Every man there was looking at her. Every man there wanted to fuck her. I sat down in a chair and she knelt before me and took my cock out of my pants. I felt her hot wet mouth engulf me and start sucking. Her technique was perfect because I had taught her well.