i meet her at a nite club we get chatting have a few drinks and a few dances at the end of the nite the slow dances come on and we get onto the dance floor real close my hands start to wander of her body up n down her back to her arse where i squeeze it we then start kissing.

i reach my hand between us and up her short skirt where i find she has removed her panties at some point during the nite as my hand touches her bare skin at top of her legs she flinches slightly i then get bolder and start to rub her already wet pussy and clit while we are still on dance floor she starts to moan so i lock my lips onto hers so no one hears her.

we then decide to leave the dance floor get our coats and leave the club we head towards the multistorey car park next to it where we start to kiss again she then starts to rub my dick thru my jeans making me get hard which she then kneels down in front of me unzips my jeans pulls them down and releases my throbbing dick from the confines of my boxers and starts to stroke it getting it real hard then slips her lips over it and starts to suck it slow right down to the base while playing with my balls.

she stops stands up and turns around and sticks her arse in the air for me to play with her clit and pussy with my hand and fingers i slip a few into her arse and pussy making her moan again i remove my fingers from her arse and start to slip them one by one into her soaking wet pussy i slip them in and out for a while before forcing my full fist deep inside her making her stand on her tip toes.

i then start to ease my other fingers into her arse one by one till they are all in and i then double fist her arse and pussy hard till both my hands are soaking wet from her juices. i remove my hands and replace them with my dick in her arse and pound it hard and fast for a while i then remove it from her arse and enter her pussy and pound that hard as well at same time slipping a couple of fingers into her arse again. i then come out of her arse and pussy and let her suck on my dick again as she slips a couple of fingers into my arse which makes me explode into her mouth and over her face and tits.

we then get dressed and make our way to where i'm staying and continue where we left off at the multistorey car park and do it all again, when we eventually wake up next day which is by her sucking on my dick getting it hard so that she can ease herself down onto it and rides it hard as i grab and pull on her nipples making her moan out loud and soak my dick as she has one hell of an orgasm over my dick and i shoot a large load of cum deep inside her pussy as she eases off our juices ooze from her onto my dick and balls so she decides to go down and lick all it up before heading for a shower and leaving me drained on the bed and she heads out the door and back to hers not before leaving her number for me so we can hook up again.