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Thread: Diablo Immortal announcement... huge disappointment.

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    Diablo Immortal announcement... huge disappointment.

    Activision stock falls 7+ percent.
    Chinese company known already for Pay2win diablo knockoffs... now getting the diablo license.
    The guy in the audience that asks "Is this an out of season april fools joke?"

    Take a looksie at that like/dislike ratio, if you want proof that Blizzard/Activision just utterly fucked itself by NOT working on Diablo 4. No PC plans for immortal.

    I remember when the diablo 3 console release was viewed with intense skepticism. Like.. it was tolerated, but definitely frowned upon. Then the auction house snafu. Then years of garbage 'seasonal' DLC.
    Franchises that become 'too big to fail' = garbage.
    Granted... all of these franchises are no longer the same beast ~ the team, at least the majority of many, MANY AAA titles.. is no longer the same. They left to go elsewhere and start their own studios.
    Outsourcing your game to another studio doesnt give you a get out of jail free card ~ the chinese tech guys have been making diablo clones for a while. They are.. oddly.. a good choice to continue the franchise.
    Blizzard, on the other hand.. has pissed off the guys, at it's own event, who each shelled out 1000$ for a ticket.. and they didnt see this shit coming?!

    How do you get SO out of touch with your own fans?!


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    Re: Diablo Immortal announcement... huge disappointment.

    Not only is it a pretty stupid addition to the Diablo franchise, but they announced it in the worst way possible. At best this is something you do as a minor press release a month before or after Blizzcon, hopefully while also announcing you are actually also working on a real Diablo 4.

    Along with terrible decisions by developers lately I've been watching streamers play some Fallout 76, and I have to say it looks to have all the makings of a dumpster fire. It's in Beta, but it's so close to release that I have a hard time thinking they can change much at this point, and it's just plain crap. It's like if they took Fallout 4 with all it's faults, didn't update the engine or graphics after all these years, keep all the classic Bethesda bug filled mess, eliminated any semblance of a plot, eliminated all NPCs from the game, have weird stutters are unusually low frames, and added a bunch of other people you don't want and are going to greatly annoy you in a short amount of time. Unless they pull something out of their ass to make this good or I'm really missing something I don't know how anybody thought this was a good idea.

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