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Thread: Trophies and Achievements

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    Trophies and Achievements

    I am not familiar with Xbox, so please excuse my lack of knowing what they got, I think Achievements? But do you guys play for these? If you have any Platinums (or whatever Xbox has)? If so, what games?

    I don't have any platinums yet, but I could have easily gotten 1 from Secret of Mana I think. All I needed was to just buy this piece of equipment in a town. I returned the game and now I was like, I guess that would have been a good idea. It was like junk from the first town or so.

    I admit, I feel it very satisfying when I get a trophy that says like 3% or so. Elite status! .4% was like my best one. I like seeing what the masses didn't do. I'm a completionist, but somethings even I wont do. There is a line, no matter what my OCD tell me. If it needs online play, I wont bother. I don't like multiplayer stuff.

    What do you got?
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    Re: Trophies and Achievements

    PSN gives you that yearly email telling you your progress too, like how your trophy hunting results stack up against the community, etc. Maybe there's a way to get more frequent updates?

    IDK for sure, but I heard that in the early days getting trophies unlocked stuff like wallpapers/themes. I could be wrong since I never saw them

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    Re: Trophies and Achievements

    Way back when achievements became a thing in games I decided to not pay attention to them and give them no heed. I think my life has been less stressful and I have enjoyed the games more because of that. Chasing them seems like a bigger pain than it's worth to me. It doesn't help work often leads me with little free time, and devoting so much time to a strange hard to pull off achievement leaves that much less time for me when I can just go on and enjoy a new game.

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