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Thread: Circle Jerk for Girlfriend

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    Circle Jerk for Girlfriend

    A few years back I was dating this sexy cougar that was a total sex maniac. We experimented with a few different things. Exhibitionism became a big part of our sex life. I became obsessed with her flashing her breasts in public.* * * * * * * This one particular evening we went out to a poolhall/ pub. We played a couple games of pool and then sat down at a table and had some drinks. We were sitting in the far corner of the pub behind a wall about 3 feet high. No one could see us except for a group of 4 younger guys playing pool next to us. I told her that she should give these guys a show. She said she was going to the ladies room and would be right back. When she came back she had her breasts out of her top and bra but covered by her jacket. She sat back down. She started teasing these 4 young guys by unzipping her jacket a bit showing her nice cleavage. They noticed and they all kept glancing over. A few minutes later she unzips her jacket the rest of the way but leaves her tits covered. I'm getting turned on sitting across from her watching as she starts caressing her breasts under her jacket. The 4 guys are still looking over once in awhile trying not to stare. Eventually she pulls one side of her jacket back exposing her left breast. Now these guys are staring at her big tit that is exposed. She won't look at them because she is getting embarrassed but she keeps going. She is now pinching and pulling on her nipple. Stretching her nipple to the max. Now her breast is starting to leak milk. She keeps squeezing her nipple until she starts spraying milk across the table at me. The 4 guys are watching in disbelief. I tell her that I can't take it anymore and that I have to go to the men's room to take care of business. She said she would go with me. I stick my head in the men's room to see if anyone is in there. I tell her the coast is clear. We go in the men's room and she immediately grabs me, unzips my pants and starts sucking my hard cock. She didnt even let me go to one of the stalls. A few minutes later one of the guys that was watching her play with her breasts comes in. He sees her sucking my cock. He watches for a few seconds. When I look at him he apologizes and turns to walk out. I tell him to wait up. I ask my girlfriend if she would be OK with giving this guy a blowjob too. She didnt want to suck his cock but said she would be if he jerked off on her. I asked her, what about his buddies. She agreed. I told him to go get his buddies and come back. A couple minutes later all 4 guys come back. She is still sucking my cock. I then pull my cock out of her mouth and finish on her beautiful face. I then tell them that they can all finish on her face too. A couple of them immediately pull out their cocks and start jerking off. The other 2 guys were hesitant but eventually started jerking off too. Within a couple minutes one of them blew his load on her face. I wasnt sure how to feel about this. I've never let anyone cum on my girlfriends face before. While the other 3 guys are jerking off in front of her another guy comes in the bathroom. I didnt say anything but one of the other guys tells him to join in, so he does. 2 more guys explode allover her face. The one guy had a huge load, I was a bit jealous. He shot some of his load in her eyes and I think she got some up nher nose. Still 2 guys left. I'm hoping they hurry up so no one else comes in. Just as the 4th guy is about to blow his load another guy comes in. He sees the guy cumming on her face and asks if he could join the party. I tell him to jump in but make it quick. It didnt take him long at all but when he was about to cum he forced his cock between her lips filling her mouth with his spunk. It kind of pissed me off. Now there is one guy left and he was one of the first guys. I told him to hurry up. I didnt want any more guys showing up. He finally finished blowing his load on her chin. I then asked everyone to leave so she could clean up and we could get out of there. She just took 7 loads in her face, 6 from complete strangers. I had mixed feelings about it. And I wasnt sure what her reaction would be. Was she going to be angry?* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Once we had the bathroom to ourselves she looked at me with her face drenched in cum and laughed. She then looked at herself in the mirror and started licking her lips. Licking the cum off. Then she started scraping the cum off her face with her fingers and then licked the cum off eating the semen of 7 guys. I didnt want her to eat any of it but since one if the guys exploded in her mouth I guess it didn't matter anymore. Then she washed the rest of the cum off as good as she could. It was everywhere. She had cum in her hair, in her eyes, up her nose, all over her tits, on her jacket and on her jeans. I asked her if she was OK. She said that she enjoyed it very much. I actually enjoyed it too. But I did decide that I didnt want a serious relationship with her.

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    Re: Circle Jerk for Girlfriend

    She is now pinching and pulling on her nipple. Stretching her nipple to the max. Now her breast is starting to leak milk. She keeps squeezing her nipple until she starts spraying milk across the table at me.
    I lost it there

    That was hot.

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    Re: Circle Jerk for Girlfriend

    Man you made your mind at last to leave her. She is not worth life partner for you I think.

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