A mix of fact and fiction.

I'm 18 my foster mom, Tara is 34, it's just us, I knew I was adopted as I was 5 years old when it happened. It didn't cause any issues between us. I noticed that recently she's been wearing tighter jeans, sexier tops etc. She's got long reddish brown hair, 5'4", brown eyes, natural 32F tits.

I had just passed my driving test and Tara was taking me out for dinner to celebrate. It was Friday night after we had both finished work. It was going to be a quick meal as she had a date later on. I was in a shirt and jeans and waited downstairs for her.
She came down in a red silky dress, hugging her figure, with some black lace.
"You look so beautiful" I said.
"Thanks sweetie, you look so handsome" she then gave me a kiss on the cheek.
During dinner she asked what happened with Amy and I. Amy was my ex, we'd split up a few weeks earlier but never really talked about it.
"I guess it just fizzled out" I said.
"Maybe she just wasn't good enough for you, it'll take someone very special to be good enough for you in my eyes."
I asked about her date, it was the first one she'd went on in a while and was nervous. I said I would take her and pick her up but she said she would get a taxi back.

Once I'd gotten home, it was about 10pm, I'd just went straight into bed. I watched a bit of TV then heard the front door opening half an hour later. 15 minutes later, the was a knock at my door. Tara peeked her head round the door "just seeing if you were still awake"
"Yeah, I was waiting up for you" I said. She came in wearing her black silk robe and sat on my bed.
"You're back early, how was your date?"
"It wasn't that great. Can I come under the covers? It's so cold in my room" she asked.
She took off her robe and was wearing a purple nighty, with some black lace straps. She cuddled up in the duvet next to me. "My date was rubbish, he was so sleazy, I wished me and you could have just continued our date" she gave me a look that she had never given me before. It was filled with wonderment.
"Do you think I'm pretty?" She asked.
"You're so beautiful, you looked amazing tonight" I said.
"Thank you sweetie"
She cuddled in a bit more, "you're nice and warm, can I get some body heat?"
She put her leg over me, and her arm on my chest. we were lying looking at each other.
"I realized that no guy will ever connect with me the way you do" she said moving her eyes from mine to my lips and back up again. She suddenly gave me a soft kiss on the lips before stopping. "That was nice" I said.
She started kissing me again, slowly and lingering.
"Can I tell you a secret?" She looked deep in my eyes. "I was jealous when you were with Amy, I knew she could never love you like I do"
She kissed me again.
"You're such an amazing kisser"
I felt her hand shake with nerves as it ran down my chest, resting it on the waistband of my boxers. I ran my hand down her back towards her ass pulling her even closer. "If I go further, there's no going back" she said.
I kissed her again, this time sliding my tongue in. This prompted her to move her hand down my boxers.
She stopped kissing me, "You're definitely my big boy" she said as she slowly stroked it. Her hands were soft, I reached down to grab her ass, it was so juicy. "You like my ass? Your cock got even harder when you grabbed it."
"I've noticed you wearing tighter jeans lately and I've been dying to grab it"
"I know there's no going back from what happens tonight, but you know now that we're not related so there nothing wrong with it, but I want to suck my son's big cock" she whispered in my ear. She kissed down my body and was lying across my legs at right angles before kissing the tip of my cock before wrapping her lips around my head. I reached over to slip my fingers into her thong, I felt her clit and she was already wet, I slid my finger in some more, she was so tight. She ran her lips and tongue up and down my throbbing cock. She started moaning as I fingered her pussy even more.
She stopped and came back up, "I want to make love to you"
She moved her thong to the side and eased over her wet pussy onto the tip of my cock, easing it into her. "You are so tight" I said, "Even tighter than Amy!"
She finally took my whole cock inside her. I sat up so she could wrap her legs around me. I took her nighty off, to reveal her tits. I instantly got her nipples in my mouth they were so hard.
We stared intensely at each other as my cock slid in and out of her tight pussy. I held her hips as I drove into her "you are so so hot" I said as she moaned harder.
"I'm gonna cum," she moaned. "Give me your cum"
Within moments we were cumming together. We stayed in that position, kissing for ages before falling back onto the bed.
"Has that warmed you up now?" I asked.
"Most definitely" Tara said. "We can't tell anyone about this, everyone thinks we're mother and son"
"The way I see it is I'm just a guy living with an incredibly hot slightly older woman and we're exploring a new side of our relationship".
We lay looking at each other, her leg over me, my hand on her juicy ass and her tits pressed against me, making out before we fell asleep.