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Thread: Me and a buddy

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    Me and a buddy

    Hey guys

    So I'm new to this but I've found myself in an interesting situation with one of my best friends. Bit of a long story but I think it gets hot.

    Quick backstory: So my friend (lets call him Mike) and I have known each other for almost 10 years, ever since high school. I have a small group of very close friends and he is probably one of them. We were both athletes in high school so we hung out plenty, and we love to just kick back and smoke weed on the weekends, talk sports etc. We're both 26 now. I've had a girlfriend for about 5 years, while Mike has probably never had a steady girlfriend, opting for one night stands over the years.

    So it turns out Mike's strategy of one night stands has not worked out for him lately, he told me he hasn't had sex in almost TWO years Lately when we have been hanging out he has been telling me how badly he's been wanting to fuck a girl to get rid of his dry streak. As time has progressed, our conversations have evolved a bit.

    First we would talk about friends of my girlfriend and other hook up possibilities for him. He's a good looking dude, 5'10" and very built so we were aiming pretty high in terms of good looking women. We essentially zeroed in on this girl (lets call her Monica). Monica works at the barbershop that we both go to, washing hair and giving hand massages to customers getting haircuts. She is a sexy 24yo latina, about 5'2" petite with the most amazing hips and ass to waist ratio you could hope for. She has a bubbly personality and is very flirtatious.

    For a couple of nights, Mike and I have been hanging out in my garage smoking, and just gushing over Monica and how sexy she is. As time has gone on our conversations have gotten more sexual and explicit. After a night of talking about her features and what we would do to her, we started texting and sending sexy pictures from her instagram to each other, and sending messages like "Fuck dude I would absolutely pound that ass". Im pretty sure we were both doing this in the knowledge that we were both stroking our cocks.

    A few days ago in a conversation the idea of tag teaming her came into play. We started to talk about how we could spitroast her and other things we could do. While we were talking about how petite and easy to handle she would be, the talk of our dick sizes came up. Now we have been friends for a while and have a lot of common female friends. The rumor has essentially been spread through that group that I have a big dick (thanks to my gf) and also that Mike has a big dick (thanks to another friend he hooked up with). We both acknowledged this and the conversation turned to talking explicitly about our cock sizes, complimenting each others reported size and talking about our features, (thickness, both uncut etc)

    This was really turning me on so I egged on the conversation, saying that my dick is 7.5 inches rock hard. "Whats yours?" I asked him. "A little over 8 inches". His answered shocked me and strangely intrigued me. Ive always been straight but this conversation Mike and I were having was hardly straight at all. The idea of comparing and seeing his big dick was all I could think about.

    Last night he came over to smoke, and the conversation pretty much immediately turned to Monica again and to our dick sizes again. We were having our usual banter when I decided to grab a roll of tape and say that my dickhead wouldn't fit in there and his probably wouldn't either. I turned my back to him and pulled out my dick. I told him it didnt even get my head in, he grabbed it from me, turned around and did the same, with the same results.

    He mentioned that he read that the national average dick size was 5.5 inches. One thing led to another and I grabbed a ruler to measure my the outline of my soft dick outside my athletic shorts right in front of him, which measured at around 5". He then obliged and did the same. He grabbed his dick through his shorts and pressed it against the ruler. I was looking intently and saw it at just over 5 soft. This was a very hot moment for me. We then went on to talk about how we could take dick pics comparing our dicks to bananas, water bottles etc.

    I'm wondering what will happen next time he comes over. I'm not sure how to push the conversation but if I'm being honest I would love a bicurious encounter where we compared our hard cocks or had a sword fight, or even jerked off together. Any tips or advice? General feedback on the story also appreciated

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    Re: Me and a buddy

    I'd be glad to hear the next part of that story.

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