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Thread: Step family

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    Step family

    Back when I was 20/21, I stayed with my dad for a few years. He'd been with Krissy for quite a few years, he worked overseas quite a lot and would sometimes be away for weeks at a time, Krissy and i became close. She was 35 with my dad being 40. She was brunette and her hair was just above shoulder length.

    I was in my room and I heard the 2 of them have a huge argument. It eventually died down, it was about 11pm, I went downstairs to get a glass of water to find Krissy lying on the sofa under a blanket, sobbing.
    "Hey what's wrong?" I asked.
    "I don't want to be the one to tell you this, but your dad has started another family overseas where he works" She revealed.
    I was absolutely fuming, I was ready to storm upstairs and confront him, but Krissy grabbed my arm to stop me. "Please don't," she said. "I can't be bothered with any more fights tonight".
    I offered to sleep on the sofa and for Krissy to use my bed. She asked if I'd mind if we just both slept in mine, I was ok with it.
    I woke up the next morning spooning her, I quickly rolled back over, hoping she wouldn't notice.
    That morning, she left to go to her sisters. My dad was moving overseas after a few weeks, he said I should go with him but I was hardly going to go to live with a family I'd never met.

    A few days before he left, I messaged Krissy.
    "He's leaving in a couple of days, I'm staying, I miss you, please come back. He's going to pay all the bills so we don't need to worry about that x"
    "I'm so glad you're staying, I still need to think about things, I'll let you know x"

    Friday came along, I had just got in from work. I heard the front door open and a case roll through the door. There was Krissy, in a silk purple blouse with a couple of buttons undone and a blank pencil skirt. She came over and gave me a huge hug. I could feel her tits squeeze into me as I held her with one arm around her back and my other hand resting just above her ass. She rested her head on my shoulder, whispered "I've missed you" in my ear, before breaking her embrace.

    "We can deal with your case later, I was going to have a few drinks" i said.
    "Why don't you stick the hot tub on too?" Krissy said. We had one of those round inflatable hot tubs under a gazebo. I went up to get a quick change, Krissy was coming upstairs as I came out my room, I caught her checking out my abs and smiling. "I'll be down in 5 minutes, can you sort drinks?" She asked.
    A few minutes later, Krissy walked in in a silver thong bikini.
    "Wow" I blurted out. Krissy then saw how embarrassed I was. "Sorry, that just came out" I said. "I'll take it as a compliment" she said. "Your dad never let me dress how I want, I always had to cover up, he thought you had a crush on me and didn't want me flaunting in front of you. Well he's not here now"
    I followed Krissy out to the hot tub, it was raining but we're under cover. She caught me staring at her ass. We got in the hot tub, facing each other with our drinks.
    "I'm so glad you came back. You're the reason I didn't leave, plus my dad's an arsehole and I'll be the man around the house"
    Krissy then sat next to me "that night we shared the bed and I woke up with your arms around me, I felt so safe, the safest I've felt for a while" she rested her head on my shoulder. "Ashley's coming home from her travelling soon too, so that'll make me happier" Ashley was her 18 year old daughter who has went travelling for a year. I put my arm around her, "I don't want you to have to wait til then to be happy" I said. I pulled her close as she cuddled into me, her hand on my chest. Krissy looked up at me, put her hand on my cheek and kissed me on the lips. She then stopped. I pulled her back to start kissing again. Krissy then straddle me, I reached around to grab her ass in both hands. "I've wanted to kiss you for so long" Krissy said. We made out for ages, before she turned around, sitting on my lap with her lying back on my chest. I put my arms around her I could feel my cock hardening against her ass. "I loved it when we were cuddled up in bed together like this, you were excited like this too" she joked.
    I started kissing her neck. "I bought loads of outfits you'll like, I saw your interest history" Krissy whispered. "Wetlook leggings and catsuits, pvc skirts, tiny thongs, short skirts, corset"
    I ran my my fingers up her body, i rested my hands on her big tits. "I can't wait to see these falling out a corset" I said as I slowly massaged them. I kissed her neck more as she let out a moan, I ran my fingers down into the water and rubbed her pussy through her thong. "Omg" Krissy whispered in my ear. I then reached into her thong and massaged her clit, my other hand was now under her bikini top grabbing her tit, I could feel her hard nipple press into the palm of my hand.
    I slipped 2 fingers inside her pussy, she moaned as she reached behind her into my shorts and grabbed my throbbing cock.
    "I can't believe I've been missing out on this!" Krissy moaned. "I can't take it anymore, I need you to fuck me!"
    I bent Krissy over the side of the hot tub, slid her silver thong to the side and eased my cock into her pussy. I put the full length of my cock inside her, I could feel her gspot with the tip. I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard, her ass slapping against me. She was trying not to moan but it was impossible for her, she didn't care if the neighbours heard us. I started spanking her ass, watching it jiggle. "I'm gonna cum" Krissy moaned. "Fuck me harder"
    I thrusted harder and faster, I was mesmerized by her ass. She let out a huge moan as her pussy tighten them exploded all over my cock.
    Krissy then sat me down and straddled me. "That was amazing! I've never been fucked like that! Your cock is so thick." She took her bikini top off and I started sucking on her hard nipples. Krissy started riding me, pressing her tits in my face. "You better cum inside me" Krissy demanded. I had my hands grabbing her ass and tits in my face.
    She whispered in my ear, tipping me over the edge. "Come for me, cum inside your stepmom's pussy, that's it baby"
    I moaned as I pumped my load inside her. "You've no idea how much I've been dying to do that" I said.
    "Tell me" Krissy said with my cock still inside her.
    "Ever since I first met you!"
    "We've got a lot of time to make up for" Krissy said.
    "Ashley comes back next weekend, why don't you take a couple of weeks off so we can spend some time together?"
    "Yeah sounds good" I said.
    "I'll put my top back on then we can FaceTime her"
    She bent over the side to get her phone and I gave her ass a spank. "You're so bad" she said.
    We rang Ashley and she picked up, she was 12 hours in front of us so she was getting ready to go to the beach. "You both look so red, have you been fucking!?!" Krissy stuttered a bit before admitting to Ashley. "I can't believe you" Ashley fumed. "You know how much I've wanted to fuck him"
    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Ashley was hot, flat stomach and nice tits and ass from what I remembered. "We've both taken 2 weeks off for when you come over" Krissy said. I left them to argue and got out the hot tub. About an hour later, I got a video from Ashley. She was in a yellow bikini telling me that she want revenge on her mum and will be fighting her for me. She showed me her body, her tits has grown and stomach was still flat, she turned around her ass was like something I'd never seen before.
    I replied "you've got a flawless figure, can't wait to have that ass on my face "
    "You have no idea what you're in for" Ashley replied.

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    Re: Step family

    Krissy and I fucked a few more times that week. Ashley and I had been sexting, Ashley was only back for a few months. Krissy and I drove to the airport to pick Ashley up. We waited then I saw Ashley with her case, she started running towards us, next thing I know she jumps into my arms, wrapping her legs around me. my hands automatically went to her ass as she hugged me then kissed me. She then hugged Krissy as I grabbed her case. There was definitely a bit of tension, it was Krissy that was jealous now. I got to the driver's seat and Ashley immediately jumped in the passenger seat, put her hand on mine every time I changed gear.
    Over the 2 months Ashley was back, we fooled around a lot and grew close.

    Fast forward 10 years to a few months ago, I was out for drinks with work colleagues. I was coming back from the toilet when I spotted a group of girls. I locked eyes with one of them, we both realised who each other was. It was Ashley. She moved her friends out the way and immediately wrapped her arms around me, we shared what seemed the longest hug ever.
    "I can't believe it's you" she said. "Please tell me your single"
    "It's been so long since I've seen you" I replied "and yes I'm single" we were still hugging each other.
    We stopped hugging but held hands. "You look incredible" She was in a silk style red dress that clung to all her curves.
    She got a bit embarrassed then kissed me on the cheek. "Who are you here with?" She asked. "Just some work friends, only having one or two more drinks" I said.
    "Come and find me when they're leaving, me and the girls are out on the pull, but I've found my guy already" we then kissed, all those memories came flooding back. I went back to the work ones for another couple of drinks before they started leaving one by one. I went to find Ashley. She and her friends were sitting round a table, I got them a round of drinks. Ashley then beckoned me over to her seat, I sat on it then she sat on my lap as I put my hand on around her and on her hip. "Remember I always talked about my 'what if guy'? Well this is him!" She introduced me to her friends.
    We sat and talked, she mentioned about how I'm the one regret she had about going travelling again after that 2 months. I told her she was the one that got away and how I never stopped thinking about her. "I can't stop smiling" she said. "I'm coming back to yours tonight, I've never done that after meeting a guy at the bar but it's you and you are definitely an exception" she said.
    I moved my hand down to her ass as we shared a kiss. "what's stopping us leaving now?" I asked. "Good point" she replied. Ashley said bye to her friends then took my hand as we walked out to get a taxi. I let her walk out in front of me so I could see her ass. We waited on a taxi, "I thought your ass was the best I'd ever seen before, but now, oh my god" she turned around, I wrappedmy arms around her, she rubbed her ass against my crotch, it was pert and juicy. I could see down her dress, she had a nice set of tits, looked about 34D. She had long brown hair with highlights and deep brown eyes, she was about 5'6.
    We got back to mine and couldn't keep our hands of each other. Ashley pushed me down on the sofa and straddled me, it caused her short dress to ride up her ass, we made out, my hands on her ass jiggling it. Ashley took her tits out her dress, her nipples were rock solid, her fake tits very perky. I was sucking on then for dear life. Ashley then ripped my shirt open and pulled my jeans and boxers off. My cock was rock solid. "It's so much thicker than I remember" she said as she licked the shaft before taking my whole cock in her mouth, gagging on it, stroking it as she sucked my balls. "I forgot how amazing you were at sucking my cock".
    "You're only going to experience my mouth from now on, no one else's, I'm not leaving you again." She said. "I need you inside me"
    I grabbed a condom out my wallet, Ashley but it on me, then straight away jumped on my cock.
    She let out a few moans as she took the full length inside her. She leaned back, using the foot stool to support her. I reached for her tits as I watched my cock disappear inside her then reappear again. I then moved my hand down her body and massaged her clit with my thumb. A few moments later Ashley was moaning hard, "Ross, I'm going to cum, keep doing that!!!" She came forward again trying to kiss me as she exploded in pleasure.
    "Oh my god, that's the quickest I've ever cum! I think it's cause it's you and all the memories came flooding back" We made out as she slowly grinded on my cock. "Remember that time I picked you up at the airport?" I asked. "Yeah" Ashley replied. I stood up as she wrapped her legs around me, she was quite light. "When you greeted me by jumping on me, this is all I could think about." I move to a wall, had her back against it, my hands squeezing her perfect ass and started fucking her hard against the wall. It wasn't long before we were both cumming together.
    We collapsed into the couch before heading upstairs.
    We got into bed together, made out loads, let our hands wander and talked loads. "I'm not waiting any longer, it's been way too long, I want to be your girl." Ashley said.
    "Yeah I'm not letting anyone else have a chance with you" I said.
    She then grabbed my cock before whispering in my ear "I've been watching so much porn recently, I've got so many ideas. I'm going to be your little slut, your little fuck toy" she said before disappearing under the covers while she straddled my face

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