Aright guys, the FreeOnes official chimps (mainly Petra) has finally managed to pull some names out of the hat in exchange for cigarettes. Everyone has their price. The winners are in and now we get to give you guys some free porn!

Before we get there and you scroll down in anticipation, I'll remind you guys what we did! So, as you may remember, we asked you a few questions about Swank Pass, and you answered them! Those of you who got the answers correct went into a random drawing.

The questions were:

  • 1. What is the average number of updates does SwankPass offer per a week?
  • 2. Which model did we shoot with that is currently suing Donald Trump?
  • 3. How many sites are featured within our SwankNetwork?
  • 4. How much is the first 30 day subscription to SwankPass currently through our special discount link?
  • 5. If you are a monthly member are you entitled to get a free DVD each month with your membership?
  • 6. In what decade was the first Swank Magazine launched?

And the answers we were looking for were:

  • 1. 7 to 14
  • 2. Stormy Daniels
  • 3. 17 (we also accepted 18)
  • 4. $14.95
  • 5. Yes!
  • 6. 1940s, (40's, etc)

Up for grabs for prizes were:

  • 1st Place Free 90 day membership.
  • 2nd Place Free 60 day membership.
  • 3rd Place Free 30 day membership.
  • 4th Place Free 5 DVDs

And finally... our lucky winners were.....

  • 1st: sappermout
  • 2nd: RodgerBama
  • 3rd: bull713
  • 4th: John_8581

Well, there you have it! If you didn't win this time, make sure you keep an eye out for our next contest! Don't stray too far away from the board! You can also still join Swank and have a makeup wank if you want here!

We'll be giving everyone who participated 25 myFreeOnes credits, win or lose over the next couple of days and an extra 25 credits if you included the bonus of showing us a hot pic from Swank! Winners will be contacted shortly so stay close to your inboxes!

Until next time!