Just played a dark souls clone ~ except it fucking sucks.
Ya know, liking a game that kicks your ass for any and all mistakes... is one thing. But to take that formula and push out all the reward and only offer risk.. blech.

Dark Souls = You could actually tell where you were going. You found your timing, fixed your mistakes and slowly grinded up to being a contender.
Surge = Everything.Looks.The.Same. Every enemy simply bum rushes you and forces your patience into frustration with their quickstrike-longwaitBUTifyougetcloseQUICKSTRIKE-STUN-DEATH.
Dark souls = start off as a bitch. You can barely destroy a fly. 1000, 10,000 or more souls later? You arent a one hit quitter.
Surge = You never get any stronger. You are given weapons/items that are obsolete against a boss... AFTER you beat that boss. There is no point to grinding, you are just always at a huge disadvantage.
Souls = you learn the pattern, you get stronger, you adjust to the situation and you have to spec your character out in JUST such a way... before you set out to kick more asses.
Surge = all enemies have the same pattern, they get stronger and faster, you can re-spec your guy at any time but it has no meaning. You have to use the fastest weapon and lightest armor and any mistake is death.

Needless to say, I am here to save you against this evil. Please do not even rent this fuckshitass. You dont need this kind of dickmangling in your life.