From time to time I write erotic stories surrounding photo sets from the various trans porn sites. Here's one that I just wrote yesterday! I'll continue to post them in this thread!

This story is inspired from a Pure-TS photo set starring TS Shiri, ChristianXXX and Alura Jenson:

I have a confession, Iím a law breaker. Donít worry, even if I end up serving some time for this, I believe it was for the greater good of mankind and his dick. I wouldnít want you getting blue balls, TS Secretary Shiriafter all that might be a cruel and unusual punishment. Donít you think?

Anyways, pardon my rambling. Iím a law breaker. The other day I was at a law office (I know, what are the chances?) when I spied this beautiful redhead secretary behind the lawyerís desk. She was incredibly professional and was able to set me up with an appointment to see the lawyer. However, there was just something about her. Behind those glasses there was a glint in her eye and a smile that just hinted at a little naughtiness. So going on a hunch, I made an excuse that I left something out in my car so I Secretary and Lawyer Flirtingcould run out and pick up one of my hidden cams.

I know, bad girl. I really shouldnít carry the evidence with me, but I just canít help myself.

Once I got back into the office, the red headed secretary whom I found out was called Shiri, excused herself to go use the ladyís room and thatís when I got to work. With the A-Team theme song playing in my head, I managed to set up my hidden cams in the office before Shiri got back and anyone was the wiser. Finishing up with the paperwork and getting my appointment card, I bid Shiri a good afternoon and headed back to my apartment to get the live streaming going from my cameras. All I had to do after this

TS Shiri sucking cock was wait, and the wait wasnít all that long. Finish reading the story here!