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Thread: Ross' Adventures: My Current Adventure

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    Ross' Adventures: My Current Adventure

    I went for a few drinks with 2 of my friends, Ava had turned out being a rebound for Richelle. We had a corner booth. I went up to the bar to order some beers when I noticed a stunning girl over the other end of the bar. I asked the barman to get her whatever she was having. She looked over and smiled but she pointed at 2 of her friends too, I nodded to the barman. As I was paying up, she and her friends came round.
    "Hi, I'm Becky, this is Emma and Debbie. Thanks so much for the drinks."
    Becky was dark brunette with her hair in loose curls, she was wearing a black top, a nude coloured PVC pencil skirt and black heels.
    "Anytime, you caught my eye from across the bar and thought I'd buy you a drink. I'm Ross by the way" I said.
    "It's so busy in here, typical pay day weekend." Becky said.
    "Me and my friends are in that booth in the corner of you want to join us?" I asked.
    The girls spoke amongst themselves before following me over. Debbie and Emma were both blonde, as I walked over to the booth, the guys' eyes lit up. I let the girls sit where they wanted, Debbie and Emma sat either side of my mates, Becky then sat next to Emma and I sat next to Becky. The 6 of us were chatting and joking away before the conversations started to break up into the couples we were sitting in. Becky was (thankfully) single, had been for about 6 months but it was to concentrate on her career. She was a fashion buyer for a high Street store, so decided what things they would sell. She has just got back into dating but nothing had went right. I told her I had a couple of short relationships but that was it. We were both the same age.
    "Right, more drinks?" Becky said, "I'll get these since you got us the last ones." She put her hand on my arm that was resting on the table. "You can come and give me a hand though."
    We got up to go to the bar, I let her walk in front of me and noticed she had the most incredible ass I'd ever seen, big without being out of proportion with the rest of her body. We got to the bar it was getting a bit busy with people getting pushed around. Becky got bumped a few times so I put her arm around me. She was at 90 degrees to me, we were a row or 2 back from the bar.
    "So what made you buy me a drink?" She asked.
    "You are one of the most naturally beautiful girls I have ever seen. Especially in a time where there are so many caked in make up."
    "That's like the best compliment I've heard in a long time. I'm used to getting all the sleazy guys on the dating apps and drunk guys coming up to me only looking for one thing. You're a breath of fresh air." She said as she put her hand on my chest.
    We got to the bar and ordered drinks, Becky also ordered a tequila for both of us.
    She put the lime between her teeth, I licked the salt off my hand, downed the shot then put my hands on both her hips, pulling her into me, as I bit into the lime, she gave me a kiss on the lips.
    "I wasn't expecting that" I said.
    "Well I've never hit it off so well with someone straight away." She replied. "My turn"
    She put the lime I'm my teeth, put salt on my finger. She then licked the salt off my finger, done the shot, she then kissed me with the lime. She then took the lime out her mouth and gave me a quick kiss as we waited on the cocktails getting made.
    "I kind of feel like I'm marking my territory, I feel an instant attraction to you" Becky said.
    "I know what you mean" I said as I moved my hand down onto her ass, softly grabbing it.
    " I love a big strong hand on my ass like that"
    "I've never seen or grabbed one as nice as this, I love the skirt too" I said.
    "Yeah, PVC, wetlook and vinyl are going to be in fashion for a while, I've got loads at home"
    We got the drinks and walked over to the table. Becky sat down first, I have put the drinks then sat beside her. I put my arm around her, resting it on her hip, she then crossed her legs towards me letting my hand move onto her ass.
    "I'm having such a good night, thanks for restoring my faith in men." Becky said.
    "I really don't care what you think about other men in general, it's for my own benefit that I make sure I make a good impression" her hand was now on my arm.
    "Well you're ticking all the right boxes" Becky said.
    "Can I have your number?" I asked.
    "Definitely" Becky smiled.
    "I'm not one that goes by the rules, in terms of giving it a certain time before texting you" I said.
    "Yeah why had the to be rules, so pointless."

    We then finished our drinks and headed to a club, to my amazement Becky took my hand, our fingers interlocking. We went in the club, got a quick drink before heading to the dancefloor. It was pretty crowded so we were pretty close together. I had my hands on her hips as we danced, then she turned around and started grinding her big ass on me, I was instantly hard. She then turned around and whispered in my ear "I like what I could feel there"
    She took my hand and lead me to the edge of the dancefloor. She found a seat and sat me down on it, Becky then sat on my lap, wrapped her arms over my shoulders and started kissing me, I had one hand on her leg and one hand on her ass.
    We made out for ages "I can't wait to be alone with you" Becky said.
    "Me neither, not tonight though. I can't believe I'm saying that, but I'm too much of a gentleman." I said
    "You're amazing" she said.
    We then found out friends and went out to get taxis. The whole time we waited, Becky was cuddled into me to keep warm.
    "Since I'm an old fashioned romantic, how about we go on a couple more dates, then since Valentine's Day is only 2 weeks away, you come over to mine, I'll cook you a nicer meal and you can stay the night?" I asked.
    "I'd really love that" Becky said, looking up at me with her gorgeous eyes before kissing me.
    The girls' taxi came. My eyes followed Becky's big ass to the taxi before she turned back and smiled before getting in.
    Our taxi came a few minutes later. I had just got home when I got a text from Becky saying "That's me home and tucked up in bed, I can't wait for you to be my big spoon. Thank you for such a good night, I'm so glad you bought me that drink X"

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: My Current Adventure

    After a few successful dates, Valentine's Day came along, we were both off for a couple of days. We stuck to the idea of Becky coming over and me making dinner.
    There was a knock at the door, I opened it and saw Becky. I was greeted with a kiss and a hug. I took her bag and jacket off her, she was dressed in a low cut black top and PVC/Latex red pants, the tightest things I'd ever seen, they actually curved around her individual ass cheeks, going right into her crack.
    "Oh my god, you look incredible! How on earth did you get into those!?" I said.
    "With great difficulty but it was worth it for that reaction."
    She had the most incredible figure, like those Instagram girls with the small waist and big ass. We went into the kitchen so I could keep cooking, I poured 2 glasses of wine. Becky wanted a selfie of us, I duly obliged, I took it, she had her hand on my chest, I couldn't resist putting my hand on her ass, even just by doing that, I could feel my cock twitch. She tapped on her phone for a few seconds, instead of going over to the island, she joined me at the cooker.
    "You've got such an amazing dress sense" I said.
    "Thanks, there's a couple of girls I speak to on Instagram who I get a lot of my inspiration from" she showed me her phone "pricillasweetz is a similar shape to me and wears amazing outfits and lydiamariax wears a lot of pvc outfits and they're tasteful rather than slutty, I've pretty much got all of these"
    Becky scrolled through them, loads of PVC trousers, dresses and skirts.
    "Wow I can't wait to see you in those!" I said.
    "Oh you will. This has been such a slow few days building up to this cause I've been so excited" she said.
    "I know how you feel. Didn't think I'd have someone so perfect be into me" I replied.
    She put her wine glass down, took the wooden spoon out my hand and put it down, put her hands around my shoulders, I put my hands on her hips and we shared a passionate and intimate kiss. I moved my hands down to her big ass, grabbing it, it was easy to big for my hands. I lifted her up onto the counter as we continued kissing, my hands on her pvc clad thighs. My phone started buzzing, I ignored it, the food started slightly burning, I stopped kissing Becky and finished making dinner.
    "This is why your phone keeps buzzing babe" Becky showed me her phone, she put our selfie on Instagram with the caption "Valentine's Day with my man #luckygirl #datenightin #smitten #hesmine"
    I couldn't help but smile "I'm the lucky one" I replied.
    Becky then walked over to the island as I took dinner over. I'd left a huge bouquet of roses in a based on the island for her.
    "Oh my god, I didn't notice then when we came in, they're absolutely beautiful. Thank you baby"
    "You're more than welcome"

    After dinner we moved onto the cuddle chair, Becky straddled me, I'd only just noticed her tits in her top, not the biggest I've witness but still big enough to have fun with, probably about 34E. We must have spent the next 20 minutes or so making out, we were like 2 giddy teenagers.
    "I've got a surprise for you upstairs baby, let me go and sort it though. I'll be 5 minutes"
    I went upstairs and sorted the bedroom, candles and rose petals everywhere, I then put petals and candles up all the stairs too. I went back into the living room, took Becky by the hand and stood her up.
    "How about I give you a nice relaxing massage upstairs?" I asked.
    "I'd love that"
    "After you babe" I said.
    Becky opened the door and saw the stairs.
    "I'm speechless" she said.
    She took my hand and I followed her upstairs, her ass just in front of my face.
    "Now I'm speechless" I said.
    We got to the top of the stairs, Becky opened the door to the bedroom.
    "Oh my god" she said as I held her, putting her head against my chest as she looked around the room at the candles and rose petals.
    "This is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me" Becky said as she started to kiss me. She then unbuttoned my shirt, kissing my chest as she took it off before placing her hands on my body. She then undid my jeans, and sat me down on the bed. Becky then took her top of to reveal a red bra and her Incredible figure. I took hold of her hips and pulled her closer. I started kissing her flat stomach as I grabbed her big ass in both hands. I was much harder at this point, the bulge in my boxers was now obvious. Becky then turned around, put her hands on my knees and started slowly grinding on my cock. She then put her full weight on my crotch she took off her pvc leggings whilst still sitting on me. My throbbing cock was now between her cheeks, her red thong coming out of her crack, her ass cheeks were so big she could probably give the booty equivalent of a titfuck.
    She then reached back and unhooked her bra. She stood up and jiggled her ass, she showed off my twerking it and clapping it.
    Becky then turned around to face me, covering her tits with her hands. I stood up wrapped my arms around her and grabbed her booty, it was so soft, her tits were now against my chest.
    "You are so hard, I can feel you pressed against me"
    She reached down into my boxers and wrapped her soft hand around my throbbing shaft.
    "Yeah the massage can wait" Becky said.
    "Yeah that would have been torture to put this off any longer" I said.
    Becky then got on all 4s on the bed, facing me as I stood at the edge of the bed. She slowly pulled down my boxers while looking up at me, revealing my cock.
    "Wow, I think I'm going to enjoy this" she said before kissing the tip

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: My Current Adventure

    I'm not too sure about putting pics of her on here, but she's very similar in shape to this Instagram girl, just has longer browner hair.

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: My Current Adventure

    Becky then ran her tongue from the base of my cock all the way to the tip. She then started sucking my balls as she stroked my cock, looking up at me with her intense brown eyes, she moved her hips to let her ass jiggle a little, it was actually like jelly, it would keep moving a few seconds after she stopped.
    She wrapped her juicy lips around the tip of my cock before slowly working her way down as I watched my cock disappear into her mouth. She then massaged the bottom of my cock with her tongue and massaged me balls with her fingers. She started working her lips up and down my throbbing shaft. I had never experienced a blowjob like it.
    "Your turn baby, I want to taste you" I said
    "I can't wait" Becky said.
    She lay back on the bed, took her thong off and spread her legs, I ran my fingers lightly over her thighs. I felt her pussy lips with my tongue before using it to massage her clit. Becky then wrapped her legs around me, her thick thighs around my head. I slid my tongue inside her, she was so wet, her pussy felt really tight too, one of the tightest I'd felt, she was letting out really hot moans as I was teasing her and tasting her.
    "Ross, I need you inside me."
    I kissed up her body, it was absolutely flawless. I made my way to her nipples, although her tits were smaller than what I was used to, I wasn't caring. She was incredible in every other way. I made my way up to kiss her neck before we shared the most intimate kiss.
    "I'll go and get one" I said.
    "No" Becky stopped me, "it's fine, I want to feel you inside me, I'm on the pill"
    As we kissed again, I put the tip of my cock inside her before slowly easing further in. Becky was so tight, she had a look of pain on her face. "You ok?" I asked.
    "Yeah, just go slowly, you're so thick" she said.
    I was then fully inside Becky and slowly eased out and in again. Her face changed to enjoyment.
    "That's better" she said. "You're the first guy I've felt inside me without anything on, and my god it's good."
    It was far more intimate and romantic, kissing, lip biting, intense looks. Becky was holding tightly onto my back as I was grabbing her hips, her legs wrapped around me. I was building up the pace, Becky's pussy was the tightest is been in since I was a teenager. She was moaning hard.
    "Let's come together baby, I'm so close!" She moaned.
    I got faster and faster, I reached down with my right hand and grabbed her ass, I had to go even harder and faster cause after holding that perfect ass it drastically cut down my willpower dramatically.
    A few seconds later Becky was moaning hard, tightening her pussy even more as causing me to cum hard as she let her juices run over my cock. I collapsed beside her before she lay on my chest.
    Becky lay on my chest "omg that was amazing! That's actually the best sex I've ever had and that was only missionary"
    "Me too babe, it was so intimate"
    "You're definitely my guy now, I'm not risking anyone else getting their hands on you." She said as she put her hand on my chest.
    "Well in that case I'm definitely not letting anyone else get their hands on you, or this" I smacked her ass.
    We both laughed, we spoke a bit before spooning. Her ass pressed against me causing me to get hard again. I had both arms around her. "You're the best big spoon, you make me feel so safe." Becky said as I softly kissed the back of her neck.
    "I'm going to make you feel more special than anyone ever has before" I said.
    "You already have" Becky said. She then arched her back, reached down to feel my hard cock and positioned the tip against her pussy. I slid it inside her. I still had my arms around her, one hand now massaging one of her tits as she started to slowly grind her ass against me. Becky started letting out a little moan, and was grinding harder, I moved my hand down and started flicking her clit, I was now sliding in and out of her as she was grinding. I flicked her clit faster.
    "Oh baby, I'm going to cum again!" Becky let out a moan as I felt her exploding on my cock.
    "God that was amazing" she said, continuing to grind against me.
    I then moved my hand from her clit round to Becky's big ass, I grabbed hold of her soft juicy cheek and it sent me over the edge, I was soon pumping another load inside her.

    I lay on my back and Becky cuddled into me. "That was the most amazing Valentine's Day ever" she said.
    "I've never had such intimate sex like that before. It was amazing" I said. We then feel asleep together.

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: My Current Adventure

    I woke up to Becky kissing my chest.
    "Morning babe"
    "Morning" I replied as I gave her a kiss.
    I heard her phone buzz, she turned over to look at it before turning back to me. I had my arm round her, hand on her ass as she rested her tits on my chest.
    "There's something I want to tell you, I've not been totally honest" she said.
    "I don't like the sound of this" I said.
    "I really hope you will. The thing is, I'm bisexual and have been in a relationship with my best friend Jessie. We've tried to introduce a guy into the relationship but they've only wanted the sex, not the relationship side of it. I genuinely think your different." She said.
    "So like a boyfriend/girlfriend/girlfriend type of thing?" I asked.
    "Exactly! Dates together, individual dates, we'd split everything though, I wouldn't expect you to pay when taking us out cause that's not fair. Oh and she loves leather and latex etc too. Want to see what she looks like?"
    "Eh, yeah. Sorry I'm a bit taken aback by all this" I said
    "We're the perfect balance, I've got the big ass and Jessie's got the big tits, here's a pic"
    "Wow!" I said. Jessie was in a bikini that was struggling to contain her huge tits. "She's beautiful too"
    "Why don't I invite her over today?" She said.
    "Yeah good idea"

    Jessie was coming over in half an hour and we decided to get ready. Becky put on a casual top with some black wetlook leggings, sculpting her ass. I was still getting ready when she pressed her ass against me in my boxers, getting me instantly hard again.
    "You look cute when you're nervous" she said.
    "I really hope we get on" I said.
    "I'm definitely sure that'll be the case"
    The doorbell went and we went downstairs. Becky opened the door and there stood Jessie, with long blond hair, plump lips, in wetlook leggings and a top that struggled to contain her tits.
    Becky greeted her with a hug before they kissed. Becky then introduced us before going through to make breakfast. I gave Jessie a hug in the hall, her huge tits pressed against me.
    "There's only one way to break the ice" she said. She then started kissing me, running her hands up the inside of my t-shirt, I moved my hands onto her ass, not as big as Becky's but still a big ass. We stopped kissing then went onto the cuddle chair and started talking.
    We got on like a house on fire. Becky then came back in "Breakfast will be ready soon". Jessie beckoned her over, "How lucky are we to have a girlfriend with such an amazing ass?!" Becky made it jiggle and we grabbed a cheek each. "I've not let him bend me over yet, that's for later. And we're lucky to have a girlfriend with these perfect huge tits!" Becky then took my hands and put them on Jessie's tits, they were more than a handful as I started to massage them.
    "I'll get back to breakfast, but you should see how lucky we are Jessie" Becky said, looking at my crotch.
    Jessie and I kissed again as I massaged her tits through her top, I then felt her hand unbutton my jeans and go into my boxers, her soft hand then wrapped around my throbbing cock. She stopped kissing me "oh my god" she looked at me and smiled, "you're so thick!" She then took it out my boxers to have a look. "That is a thing of beauty! I can't wait any longer" she then went down and started sucking my cock, she had an amazing technique. Becky then came in "Foods ready, we can have that sausage later Jessie" we all laughed.

    After breakfast I started cleaning up, a few minutes later I heard the girls shouting me from upstairs. I went up to find them in my bed. I stepped down to my boxers and joined them in bed getting in between them. They both cuddled into me.
    "So Becky tells me wetlook leggings really turn you on?" Jessie asked.
    "Amongst other outfits, yeah"
    "What others?"
    "Well, I'm loving the pvc fashion that's going around just now, especially the dresses, skintight silk dresses, catsuits, corsets, leggings, leather jeans, white jeans."
    "Well we own loads of all those outfits, we always match each other when we go out" Jessie said.
    "When we are out with you, we'll be dressed up in outfits like that, wanting to look good for our man" Becky said.
    The girls then reached into my boxers and grabbed my hard cock as they kissed across my chest.
    "You got to play with Ross, so I need to catch up. I think you should lie there and play with yourself as you watch me ride him." Jessie said.
    "That's fair" Becky said. Jessie then pulled my boxers down, stroking my cock as she started kissing me. She then got on top of me, her big tits pressed into me as we continued to kiss. She then sat up, grinding her pussy along my cock, I could feel her getting wet. I was mesmerized by her huge tits. I reached up to get my hands on them. She then eased onto my cock.
    "Oh god Ross, you feel so thick! You're stretching me"
    Becky started kissing me while she played with herself. Jessie then started slowly riding me as she got used to my thick cock. She then brought her tits onto my face, moving Becky out the way. They completely smothered me and felt so soft, I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard as she swayed her tits over my face. Becky was moaning in my left ear and Jessie in my right ear. I don't know how but I was lasting a while. I sat up and Jessie wrapped her legs around me, this was sending her over the edge. Becky said she was going to cum too. Jessie then pulled my face into her tits, causing me to shoot my load inside her making her moan as she came too, Becky also managed to cum at the same time.
    We lay back on the bed, exhausted. We then talked for hours, I was still in disbelief at the situation I was in. We were all off the next day so I made the suggestion of going to the local bar/restaurant for dinner and the girls staying the night.
    "I'd love that" Becky said.
    "Me too, I definitely think we've found the guy we've been looking for" Jessie said.
    "It's my treat, I know you said we'll split everything but I need to take my girls out for our first date together. It's part of a hotel so we can get dressed up" I said.
    "On one condition, we stay here tonight and spend the day together tomorrow" Becky said.
    Definitely a deal.

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: My Current Adventure

    And they lived happily ever after Nice story tho

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: My Current Adventure

    Only lasted a few more weeks, a few weeks I'll not forget even though it got complicated 😂

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