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Thread: Laura Callipyge Petition - Naughty NYE

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    Laura Callipyge Petition - Naughty NYE

    Hey Freeone peeps and Hey Laura!

    My naughty obsession with Laura's very nice caboose has been afflicting me for years. Needing to vent I wrote, and still to this day write, stories about her curves. A long time ago, after a crazy night of an accidental MDMA experiment. She found out about my obsession and my stories. To my surprise, she really liked my weakness and associated stories and to my delight, once a rather long while ago, she sent me a selfie of her exposed butt and it had me hard for months. Unfortunately, for several reasons, but mainly because she was rather drunk at the time of sending the pic, I felt guilty and I deleted it. The action crushed me.

    I still send her stories of my desire and needs for her. But despite copious nagging and failed seduction she has never sent me more. But recently, I think I may have found out something new about her. Now, hind sight, this shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was. She loves the idea of people seeing, desiring, and worshiping her sexual form. So I have come up with an "ingenious" plan, a petition, of a sort. I'm convinced that if I put my stories out here and with some generous and hopefully friendly feedback from Freeone's salacious tribe. I think we can encourage Laura to send another Butt Selfie (Or Belfie) which, with her approval and some Photoshop identity censorship, I will share in solidarity with my lewd brothers and sisters.

    Enough ranting! Thank you for reading and I hope for your support, here's the story.

    Naugty NYE

    She's so joyful and lively. The more i see her being the life of the party the hornier I'm getting... fuck! I keep talking to her. Finding a lame excuse of needing help to find a drink in the kitchen. She comes with me. I honestly did try to stop myself, but fuck it, I'm going for it anyway. Feeling pumped and assertive I lead her to the bathroom instead of the kitchen. She's laughing at me. "Wrong way dick head!" She tells me off laughing. I take her hand and playfully pull her in. "Hahaha what are you doing!?" I spin her around and hug her pressing my desperation against her beautiful round butt and grinding hard into it. Running a hand up over her nipples to her neck wrapping my hand firmly around, holding her in place. The other hand runs down over her belly to her crotch and gently massages her. She looks at herself in the mirror and watches as I satiate my needs with her body. Understanding the situation, she melts and slumps into my body. Eyes glazing over, her pussy twitches in anticipation and the pleasure soaks through her pants to my eager fingers.

    I see the change in her and I become ferocious. I partial undo her pants and pull them down just past her butt. Her cheeks bulge out from her tight jeans. The sight is so soft and inviting that i groan louder than i should. "Fuck! Keep it down!" She scolds me. I smile as I think of everyone being just outside the door. The idea just turns me on more.

    I pull my cock out and slide it in between her shapely butt cleavage. I dry hump her solidly. Looking at herself in the mirror. Watching her face bouncing back and forth she thinks to herself. 'Can't believe this keeps happening. I fucking love it so much!'. She groans and starts pushing back onto my crotch. "Fuck! It needs to be inside me. Now!" I bend my cock down and squeeze it between her cheeks and into her cunt. I slide in so smoothly and I moan with my satiating desire. I pound her and pound her. Holding her tight and soaking in the sexy reflection of her flushed face bouncing as I bury my throbbing cock into her soft cunt.

    Lost in the pleasure of her body, I keep fucking her, I never want to stop. She slaps behind her and whacks my thigh. "We can't stay here too long. Cum for me! I need you to come!"

    I grab her hair and force her head back. Contorting her beautiful body into this beautifully elegant arch. I pound her into the wall. She presses against the wall and does her best to stop her body from being pounded into the wall. Thrusting hard the pleasure erupts in me and I cum so hard that she gets lifted up onto her toes. I groan loudly and keep thrusting with every spurt. With my final ejaculation my thrusts slow. Flustered at the pleasure ending, she starts pushing back slamming her butt back into me, milking my cock. "Fucker! I'm so fucking horny!" She complains as she fucks my throbbing cock. She pulls away and my cock flops out of her and I lean my back against the wall. Stroking my still erect cock as I look at her readjusting her clothes. She turns around to me with a still horny and excited grin, she slaps my chest. "Fuck! So much fun!" She opens the door and leaves to go back to party. I look at my cock as I stroke it and think of the next place we could fuck tonight.

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    Re: Laura Callipyge Petition - Naughty NYE

    Show us that shapely butt cleavage Laura!

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