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Thread: Ross' Adventures: Stepmom

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    Ross' Adventures: Stepmom

    So a year or so ago it was my dads 60th birthday. He had a really good job and was able to get a trophy wife. I'll call her Summer since she reminded me of Summer Brielle. I was 26, she was 33. I had my own place so I hadn't seen much of them. My dad decided to go book a family holiday for his birthday, a 2 week cruise, my dad, Summer, me, my sister and her partner.

    A few months before I had been hitting the gym hard to make sure I had an ideal holiday body. We got to the airport and got checked in, we hadn't booked seats so it was a bit of a lottery. Turns out my dad was on a row in front of my sister and partner. I was then 10 routes back beside Summer. I offered to swap with my dad which he accepted. We went to the airport lounge, I went to the bar to get drinks. Summer came up to help me, she briefly walked in front of me, she had on a pair of soft white jeans that hugged her perfect ass. We got to the bar and ordered our drinks.

    "Your dad says you don't visit as often since I've come on the scene, do you not like me?" Summer asked out of the blue.

    I was a bit taken aback "I've just been a lot busier with work recently, I don't know you that well to say I don't like you" I said.

    After our drinks, we noticed that our flight was ready for boarding. We went to the toilets while Summer and my dad watched the bags. I came back first then my dad went. Summer told me that she spoke to my dad and suggested that she and I sat together on the plane to talk and get to know each other better.

    We started boarding, Summer and I boarded via the back of the plane. I let her go in front of me, she thanked me with a cute smile. Her gorgeous ass was inches from my face as we climbed the steps. I wanted to grab it so badly. We got to our seats and sat, I was in at the window with Summer beside me in the middle.

    "So between you and I, do you have a problem with me?" Summer asked.

    "Honestly" I said. "I'm jealous that my dad had got someone as stunning as you, especially when you're much closer to my age than his.

    "Staying between us, your dad doesn't give me any pleasure in the bedroom, he has problems.

    "Erm, that's a bit too much information, not exactly something I want to know our visualise" I said.

    "Well you can visualise that I need to pleasure myself instead" she said with a smile. "Plus your dad has a really attractive son, it makes me sad that you don't come over" she said Putting her hand on my arm.

    "Oh look, is that our cases?" She said as she leant across me, I could see straight down her light blue top, her tits were a sight to behold...

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: Stepmom

    Summer looked up at me with a smile as she pressed her tits on my thigh as she leant over. She looked at my crotch then looked back up at me again, licking her lips before sitting up again. I felt my dick twinge.

    We started to move, "I'm not the best of flyers, especially at takeoff and landing" Summer said. "I might need your support"

    "Whatever you need, just let me know" I said.

    We got to the edge of the runway, the engines started firing up. Summer then took my left hand with her right, linking or fingers together. Her left hand then gripped my left bicep, resting her head on my left shoulder. We took off, I gave her a reassuring kiss on the forehead. After 10 or 15 mins, she sat up, our hands still linked, still holding onto my arm.

    "You OK?" I asked.

    "Yeah, thanks for that, that's probably the calmest I've ever felt. You feel really strong" she said gripping my arm before letting go. "Yeah I've been really hitting the gym for this holiday" I said.

    "I'm glad our first full day on the ship is at sea, then I'll get to see how hard you've been working out" she said with a smile. My dad then came over on his way to the toilet, made a bit of small talk before asking the stewardess to give us a bottle of champagne. "These bubbles will go straight to my head" Summer said. I poured the champagne before asking what we should toast to. "How about.....To us having fun together" she said with a cheeky smile. "I'll definitely drink to that" I said.

    After we finished the first glasses, Summer got up to go to the toilet, giving me a kiss on the cheek as she left. My eyes were transfixed on her ass as she got out of her seat. She came back, as she bent over I could see straight down her top, her tits looked incredible. She moved the armrest up and sat closer to me. "You enjoy that view? I caught you checking me you when I left" Summer said.

    "My eyes were on stalks. Is it wrong that I can't wait to see you in a bikini tomorrow?" I said.

    "Not at all, you'll be rubbing lotion on my back when I'm lying on my front. Since you were so helpful during take off, let me show my appreciation."
    Summer then took my left hand, wrapped it around her back before placing it on her left ass check. I was almost in shock. I felt my cock instantly grow. "Give it a squeeze, I'll keep an eye out" She didn't have to ask me twice, I started massaging her juicy ass through her soft jeans, it was far too big for my hand, all I could think about was grabbing it with both hands.

    "Your ass is amazing, I've never felt one like it before" I said. Suddenly I felt Summer's hand under my T-shirt, feeling my abs.

    "I'm starting to get wet" Summer whispered in my ear. "But we need to stop, otherwise I'm going to mount you right now. One quick thing though, then we need to be good the rest of the flight" Summer then leaned over to look out the window again, I straight away slid my right hand down her top and into her bra. As soon as I grabbed her tits I almost felt some pre cum come out. Her tits were as soft as her ass. Summer looked up at me, "I want you" I mouthed. She slowly started to get back up, as she did, she ran her hand over my crotch.

    "Omg you're huge" Summer whispered before sitting back up. "I can't wait to see what's going to happen this holiday"

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: Stepmom

    We got on the boat, my cabin was 5 down from my dad and Summer's, my sister's was on another part of the ship. We all got into our cabins and got ready for dinner. I got out the shower, put on a dark pair of jeans on, just as I put a shirt on, before I got a chance to button it up, I heard a knock at the door. I looked out the peephole and saw Summer. I opened the door and let her in.

    She was in a red dress, no shoulders but above her tits, with a pair of red heels, her hair in blonde curls. "You look absolutely beautiful" I said. She got all embarrassed "aw thanks. You're looking pretty hot" she said as she looked at my abs while u buttoned up my shirt.

    "Your dad sent me to see if you were ready. Let's take a quick selfish first, your phone's better, you can send me it." I took my phone out, put my arm around Summer, she put her hand on my chest. I took a few pics. "Your smile is amazing" I said, she then gave me a kiss on the cheek. "You're so sweet" she said. She then took my phone and took a picture of us in the mirror. "We actually look pretty good together" she said. She then went into Snapchat and added her on my phone.

    We went for dinner, the 5 of us chatting away as normal, before all of a sudden my dad called Summer "Allanah". It became a bit awkward, we continued to carry on like it didn't happen. We went for a few drinks after dinner, the atmosphere was still a bit weird. My dad then went up to the bar. "Are you okay?" My sister asked Summer. "I really don't know, I'm glad it wasn't just me that heard it though. I really don't know what to do or think, I don't want to ruin the holiday" Summer said. "I think you should talk to him later" After another drink, my dad and Summer went back. We stayed for another few drinks. I then went back to my room. 10 mins later, I heard a knock at my door, I opened it to find Summer, clearly upset. "Can I sleep in here tonight?" She sniffled. "Eh...Sure, of course" she brought her case in.

    I gave her a hug, it was a while before she let go. We sat on the bed, she told me that she asked to see my dad's phone, she found loads of texts from Allanah, going back months, he'd been cheating, leading a double life. "I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely reeling, I can't believe he's done that. Where have you left it?" I said. "Well I've told him it's over. I'm going to see a lawyer when we get back. I know we had a joke on the plane, but I can't stand cheaters" Summer said. "I'm going to go and get sorted" she went into the bathroom, she came out a few minutes later, having taken off her make up and wearing red silk PJ top and short silk shorts.

    "You even look amazing with no make up on. I know it's not exactly the right time to say." I said. Summer smiled, "Thanks, that cheered me up a bit" I then went in to do my teeth and stripped down to my boxers. Summer was in bed when I came out. I then lay on top of the covers on the o they side of the bed. "You're such a gent" Summer said, "but don't be silly, you can come under" I lay under on my back, Summer was to my left. We talked more about the situation, I told her I was on her side. "Really?" She asked. "Of course, I hate cheaters as much as you do" I said. She then moved closer, lay her head on my chest, I instinctively put my arm around her. I lightly ran my fingers up and down her back, I kissed the top of her head. Her soft tits covered in silk were pressed against me, I felt my cock harden. "I can hear your heart beat faster" Summer said, she looked up at me with a smile and started running her hand down my abs, as soon as she reached the waist band of my boxers, I grabbed her wrist to stop.

    "I honestly can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't want to take advantage of you tonight. As much as I want to, I'd feel bad" I said.
    Summer then looked at me, she straight away gave me a kiss on the lips. "You are such an amazing guy, I'll be in a much better mindset tomorrow night, you have no idea what you're in for" she smiled before wrapping her leg and arm around me.
    "So what turns you on?" She asked.
    "Curves, tight dresses, wetlook leggings are definitely top of the list, so are corsets and catsuits" I said.
    "What do you like doing in the bedroom?" She then asked.
    "I love 69, titfucking, but I love standing at the bottom of the bed, the girl, sticking my cock with her ass in the air, still with her thong on."
    "That's hot, I love titfucking with a bra on. Since you've been a gentleman tonight, we can meet halfway"
    She turned around and we started spooning, she then took my hand put it up her top and onto her soft tits, she kept our fingers linked, her ass rubbing against my ever hardening cock.
    "I've definitely never fallen asleep like this before" I said.
    "Me neither" Summer said, "I liked it though"

    It took me forever to get took sleep with Summer's tit spilling out of my hand, I must have been rock hard all night

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: Stepmom

    I was awoken by Summer kissing my chest. I rubbed my eyes.

    "Morning handsome" she said.

    "What time is it?" I asked.

    "7am" she replied as I put my hand onto her back. I immediately realised that it was her bare skin.

    Summer smiled "yeah I had to strip off, it was too warm." I ran my fingers up and down her back, she was resting her chin on her folded arms on my chest. I could feel her soft tits pressed against me.

    "How are you feeling this morning about everything?" I asked.

    "A bit better, still angry, not going to let it ruin the holiday though, still going to divorce your dad though, we're finished. Would it be weird if I stayed in this cabin for the 2 weeks?"

    I thought for a couple of seconds, "Erm, no not at all, be my guest. When we go down for breakfast we can see if we can get your key card changed to this cabin"

    "Aw you're the best" Summer said. "Now, I can't really wait for tonight, you were such an amazing help yesterday and you were amazing with the flight. You're getting no say in this cause you're not taking advantage of me. Im going to give you a little taster."

    She climbed on top of me, her soft tits still pressed against my chest. Her legs either side of me, we started kissing, I ran my fingers down her back, I felt a thong, then took an ass cheek in each hand. As my cock grew in my boxers, Summer started grinding on me. "Oh my god, I can actually feel you growing". Summer said. She then sat up, I finally saw her perfect tits in all their glory. Summer laughed at my reaction, she put her hands on my chest and continued to grind on me. "You like what you see?" She asked.

    I reached up and started massaging her soft tits "They're incredible!" I said. I sat up, started licking her nipples, Summer put her arms and legs around me, my hands on her back, pulling her into me, letting my face sink into her tits. I moved up to kissing her neck. "I feel like the boxers and thong are in the way" I said.

    "Oh my god, I know, but they won't be tonight" Summer said. We stayed like that a while longer before Summer pushed me back. She took her thong off before turning round and straddling my face. I kissed the inside of her thighs while she took my boxers off.

    "Wow, that's impressive" Summer said as she wrapped her soft hand around my throbbing cock. I smacked her ass and watched it jiggle. "That's impressive" I said, causing Summer to giggle before she wrapped her juicy lips around my cock.

    I started teasing her pussy lips with my tongue before, flicking her clit with my tongue. I changed between flicking it and massaging it. I then slid my tongue inside her tight wet pussy. Feeling Summer's tongue and lips around my rock hard cock was incredible. 5 or 10 mins later, Summer's stopped sucking my cock and was moaning hard, I felt her pussy tighten and she let out a final moan as she released and I could taste her cum. Straight away we started sucking my cock again and within seconds I shot a big load of cum down her throat.

    "Oh my god, that was the best blowjob I've ever had." I said
    "Your tongue skills are incredible" she replied after taking a drink of water.
    She came back up the bed, "yeah I'm def going to enjoy this 2 weeks even more" summer said. "Although it obviously stays between us"
    "Yes 100%" I said.
    "I suppose we should get ready for breakfast" she said as she put her thong on again.
    She got off the bed, walked towards the bathroom to get a shower as I admired her big ass in the red thong. She turned and blew me a kiss before closing the door.

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: Stepmom

    I was in the shower when Summer said she was going down to meet my sister at breakfast. When I came out there was a message from my dad asking if I was going. I got ready then knocked on his door.

    As we walked down to the restaurant, we spoke about the situation.
    "You've fucked it, she ended up coming to mine and was really angry and upset. She's wanting a divorce" I said.

    "What do you mean she came to yours?!" He asked.

    "Well she had nowhere else to go, she had to sleep somewhere. I had to sleep on top of the covers, just as I was starting to get on with her you go and do that. I don't think she'll accept any grovelling either. Just don't make the rest of the holiday awkward." I said

    Everyone has left breakfast by the time we went down, we had breakfast then my dad went a walk round the ship.

    "where are you?" I text Summer.

    A few minutes later, I got a Snapchat of her lying on the sun lounger in a blue bikini with the caption "come help me with my hard to reach bits"

    I found Summer on the top deck, she had already put a towel down for me on the lounger beside hers. I sat down beside her, "You look amazing" I said. "Where's everyone else?" I asked.

    "The other 2 are inside, you know what ginger people are like in the sun" she said.

    "How about you put lotion on me first then I can massage you with it?" I said.

    "I love the sound of that" Summer said.

    I helped her up before she took my T-shirt off, I put sun cream on my arms, Summer looked around before putting her hands on my chest, going up on her tip toes and giving me a quick kiss. She then took some cream and rubbed it into my chest and arms before doing my back.

    "Your turn babe" I said as I gave her a light spank as she turned to lie on the lounger.
    "That gave me a good feeling inside hearing you call me that" she said.
    Summer was lying face down as I straddled her just below her ass. Her bikini was like a half bottom one, bigger than a thong but didn't completely cover her ass.
    I gave it a squeeze, "I can't get enough of this ass" I said. She gave it a shake, "it's all yours now, and hopefully not just these 2 weeks"

    I put some cream on her back and slowly massaged it in, I kept looking around to make sure any of the other 3 didn't appear. I spent a good 10 minutes massaging it into her back. I then moved onto her legs before straddling her again. I massaged some cream onto her big ass cheeks. Within seconds I could feel my cock getting hard. Once the cream had been rubbed in, I slowly moved my thumbs between her thighs, then under her bikini, I briefly reached down to massage her clit before going back to her ass.

    I moved back to my lounger and lay on my front.
    "That was amazing, you do realise I'll be wanting massages from you now" she said.
    "Any excuse to get my hands on you"

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: Stepmom

    As the day went on, it was difficult to do anything once everyone came back to the sun loungers. I decided to go to the pool. It was a deck down but could be accessed outside from where we were and could be seen from our loungers. Once I was in the pool, I looked up and saw Summer stand up and leant on the railings looking down towards the pool. I beckoned her down. My eyes followed her as she walked down the stairs. I then noticed that I wasn't the only one.

    She got in the pool beside me. "Every single guy round the pool had there eyes on you as you walked down" I said.
    "Well it's a good thing I've got only got eyes for you"
    "That's good to know" I replied. "It so annoying that we can't be like the couples in the pool where you can wrap around me"
    "I'd love that right now"
    "I've got a proposition for you. Obviously there's going to be an issue going for dinner etc as a group. So I'm guessing there will be times it's me and my dad, me and you etc. Why don't on our night, I take you to one of the premium restaurants on the ship?" I suggested.
    "Is this you asking me out on a date?" Summer asked.
    "Is that a bit weird?" I asked.
    "To be honest, I don't really care what people think anyway. I'm wanting a quick divorce as well. You've been so amazingly kind and caring towards me so far. So yeah dinner sounds nice."

    We lay in the sun for a bit had a couple of cocktails, before we all went back to our rooms for that weird couple of hours that everyone has on holiday before dinner. On the bed was the entertainment guide telling us what was on that night. The 2 of us lay on the bed, me in my shorts and Summer in her bikini.she was lying on her front, I was lying on my side next to her, leaning on my left hand with my right hand lightly stroking her back as we read the guide.
    "Why don't we try the piano bar, then salsa dancing then the night club, I feel like I need to dance" Summer said.
    "Sounds good to me, but I apologise in advance for my dancing" I joked.
    Summer then rested her head on her arms "that feels nice" as I kept running my fingers up and down her back.

    "There's something I want to tell you about that I've been thinking about all day" Summer said.
    "Is this you saying youre going to get back with my dad and this has been the only chance I've had" I asked.
    "Aw don't be silly, far from it. I just wanted you to know that from the money I'll get from your dad through the lawyers, I'm only going to take enough to give me a deposit for my own place. The rest will go to you and your sister cause that would have eventually been yours anyway." Summer said.
    "You are even more amazing than I thought"
    "That's so cute that you were worrying" she said. We then made out for about 15 mins.

    "Want to see what I'm wearing tonight?" Summer said.
    She went to the wardrobe and pulled out and aqua blue top, then the shiniest pair of leather leggings. "Well you did say you liked these".

    "Wow, I can't wait to see you in them!" I said.

    "Time for a shower first though" she said. I heard the shower go on, the door was still opened, Summer through her bikini out before putting her leg out the door, her hand reached for me "you joining me?"

    "You don't have to ask me twice!"

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: Stepmom

    We got into the shower, Summer tired her hair up, not wanting to get it wet. The 2 of us standing naked as the warm water ran off us. I was instantly hard at seeing Summer's flawless body. She took some shower gel and started rubbing it over my chest and abs. She worked her way down and wrapped her hand around my cock and started stroking. I grabbed the shower gel and started massaging her soft tits with it

    "You've got no idea how badly I want you right now" I said.
    "You'll just need to wait a little longer" Summer teased.

    After playing a little more we then got out the shower and started to get ready. I was ready first so sat out on the balcony.
    "I'll be out in a few minutes, just finishing my make up then I'll get changed." Summer said.

    A few minutes later she walked out and stood at the end of the balcony looking out. Her top sitting off her shoulders, my eyes wandered down to see her shiny leggings clinging to her ass like a second skin. She turned around "Do I look ok?"

    "Ok, you look absolutely sensational" I said as I stood up to join her. My hands on her waist as she put hers over my shoulders, we started to kiss, I moved my hands onto her ass, squeezing it, building my sexual frustration even more.

    She then turned around as we watched the world go by, my hands round her waist, her ass pushed against my crotch. She took my hand and ran it to the front of her leggings, I couldn't feel a thong. She moved my hand back up. "So I'm literally only wearing these leggings and this top, nothing else."

    "This is going to be a long night for me till we get back here, isn't it?" I said.

    A few minutes later, Summer turned back around to face me. "I know it's a bit of an awkward situation, but when we get home, I want a quick divorce. I don't want to cause issues with you and your dad but I really want things to continue with us. No one has treated me the way you do, you're so different to anyone else."

    "I'll do whatever it takes for it to work, you're someone I never thought I'd have a chance with."

    "You are in for the night of your life tonight" Summer said.

    We took a few selfies together at the balcony before we left for dinner. She let me video her walking up and down the corridor outside so she could show her outfit off on Instagram. I was transfixed by her ass as she walked away

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    Re: Ross' Adventures: Stepmom

    We ended up all eating together, it was a bit awkward at times. My dad decided to go to the casino. Leaving the 4 of us to go to the piano bar. Summer went to the toilet with my sister, while me and her partner got the drinks. The girls seemed to be away for ages. When they came back, Summer had a big smile on her face, she sat down next to me and linked my hand with hers. I was mortified, she and my sister laughed at my reaction.

    "Summer and I were talking in the toilet, I was asking if it was weird you guys having to share the bed etc. But she said how well you guys were getting along and how good you've been to her. You guys actually look really good together." My sister said.

    I then told her what Summer said about the money and she gave Summer a big hug. "I'm glad we'll still have you in our lives" she said.
    I could relax a lot more. We say speaking for so long that we forgot about the salsa dancing. My sister and partner went to join my dad in the casino. Summer and I went straight to the night club. After about half an hour of dancing, Summer slut dropping and grinding against me, we couldn't take it any longer. We pretty much ran down to the cabin.

    As soon as we got in the room, we grabbed each other and passionately kissed, stripping each other down. I grabbed a condom Summer took it off me and put it on my already rock hard cock. I last her on the bed and slid the tip of my cock into her tight wet pussy.

    "Get inside me" she moaned.
    I slowly slid inside until her pussy was wrapped around my full shaft. "Oh my god, you go so deep"
    After a few slow grinds, I built up the pace, she wrapped get legs around me. As I thrust in and out of her, her big tits were bouncing everywhere. I moved back so I could stand at the edge of the bed. I was then able to play with her soft tits as I fucked her. "This feels amazing! Oh Ross, I'm going to cum very quickly, keep going" Summer moaned
    I started teasing her nipples as I fucked her harder and harder. She started moaning louder until I felt her pussy grip my cock causing her to let out a huge moan. "Oh my god I needed that. That's the quickest I've ever cum! You know what would be hot?"
    "What's that?"
    Summer then got off the bed and got on all fours on the floor in front of the mirror. "What are you waiting for?" she asked
    I grabbed her ass and slid my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard, she kept trying to make eye contact in the mirror but I was too busy watching her ass. She then told me to stop, she started twerking with my cock deep inside her. I had never experienced anything like it. I put my hands on her ass as she started to moan again. I could feel myself getting so close. I started sliding in and out as she was twerking. This was sending us both over the edge, I went harder and harder until we both let out a moan and cum together.
    We just about made it back to the bed and collapsed in each others arms.
    "That was incredible" I said.
    "I don't think I've ever had sex that good" Summer replied.
    It was a good 10 minutes before we got our breaths back.
    "when we get home, I'm using the pill so I can feel you"

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