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FreeOnes Board - The Free Sex Community FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Advertisment and Spam Policy

The FreeOnes Advertising and Spam Policy is very simple. Don't do it or we will find you and permanently ban your account. For those who really don't know what's acceptable, please continue reading. If your question isn't answered here, you can contact us at and we'll be more than happy to let you know if what you want to post is acceptable or not!

Do you allow members to post their own website?

Only if it's a personal hobby site that contains absolutely no way to make money. This includes Google Adwords, affiliate links, pay per click links, etc. It also may not contain copyright violations such as full photo sets or videos.

Do you allow members to post their own forum links?

If it's a forum about something not porn related, such as bodybuilding or video games, sure! However, it's viewed as bad internet etiquette to post links to other forums in the same industry without prior permission. Regardless of it being your forum or another one, we'll probably delete any links to other porn forums.

Am I allowed to post my own affiliate links?

Absolutely not. If you are a webmaster who is interested in FreeOnes traffic, then please contact us at to learn more.

Are there any exceptions to this rule?

Yes, there is a small exception. Official Checked Star Members and Approved Content Owners are allowed limited advertising of their sites and content. Please look over the FAQs concerning OCSMs and ACOs to see if this could apply to you.

What do you consider to be spam?

We consider anything trying to sell something that has not been approved by the FreeOnes Team to be spam. Also, we consider members who post the same link(s) in all posts that they make or in several different areas of the board to be spamming. Any link that you post needs to be relevant to the thread/section that you post it in! Don't post links just to post them!

Even with all the information about the Board Rules posted in every location on the board, I somehow missed these and spammed or advertised on the board and got banned. How can I get my banned lifted?

In short, you can't. If you didn't bother to read the board rules or FAQs then it's your fault for not educating yourself on how our community works. You are welcome to write us at to plead your case, but a word of warning, a plea of ignorance doesn't usually get your account back.

Trolling, Flaming, Personal Attacks, etc

The FreeOnes Board has members from all over the world. What offends me, might not offend you. Bottom line, you're going to come across threads, posts, ideas, opinions and images that you personally find offensive. This is a porn board, there's filth of all types.

Also, members love discussing politics, religion, and other controversial topics and issues. Things can get pretty heated so if you're one of those overly sensitive types that can't stand an anonymous person on the internet disagreeing with you or challenging your facts, I suggest either growing a thicker skin or staying away from controversial topics.

  • If you don't like a thread topic, simply don't click on it.
  • If you don't like the person who made the thread topic, either put that person on IGNORE or simply don't click on it.
  • If in the heat of the moment you call someone names (even stupid, idiot, etc), you can expect some backlash from that member or other members.
  • If you CHOOSE to participate in threads about controversial topics or respond to someone's trollish behaviour, no moderator action will be taken.
  • If you CHOOSE to write controversial statements, half facts, or overall stupid stuff, expect other members to reply to it. It may not come out all too kindly.

To sum up these guidelines, we're not going to instantly ban someone for calling someone else an idiot. We're not going to ban someone for their reaction to someone else's thoughts, ideas, or opinions of a cntroversial topic. We're not going to instantly ban someone for posting stupid shit (trolling). This is a great time to learn the IGNORE feature on this board, or grow a thicker skin!

Hijacking Threads

What is hijacking a thread mean?

Hijacking a thread is when someone takes the discussion of the thread in an entirely new topic without creating a new thread.

Is thread hijacking allowed?

We do not allow people to purposely hijack a thread.

How do you know when a thread has been purposely hijacked?

You can generally tell when this has been done on purpose when someone blatently changes the topic, posts pictures that have nothing to do with the topic, etc.

Can a thread accidently be hijacked?

Yes. However, we're a lot more leniant on this because a thread is nothing more than a written conversation between multiple people. If you listen to a conversation between 2 or more people, it will often take a lot of twists and turns and rarely stays about the original topic when the conversation started. Threads can sometimes be this way. Example, the original topic was the color of the models eyes but it progresses to her boobs via the natural flow of conversation.

Can I get in trouble if I hijack a thread on purpose?

Yes. You can simply get a warning in the thread itself or via PM, but you can also get infractions. The more you hijack threads, the more points the infraction will be worth.

Infraction System

What are infractions?

Infractions are a way for moderators and FreeOnes Team Members to keep track of board members who break the Official Board Rules. An infraction can range from a simple warning to a permanent ban if the rules violation is serious enough.

Do infraction points influence my reputation points or FreeOnes credits?

NO! The points from the infraction system are entirely seperate from our FreeOnes credit system and the reputation system.

Are all infractions created equally?

There are two types of infraction points. There are expiring points and permanent points. When you accumulate a certain number of points, you will get banned temporarily until you get so many that your ban becomes permanent. If the points expire before you get another infraction, the expiring points will not count against you.

What kind of infractions can I get?

The following list is a sample of the things you can get an infraction for and their severity:

Minor Violation: posting more than 5 links in a thread per day, working around the word filter, or violating the signature/tag rules.

  • The points from the first violation last from 1-3 months.

Medium Violations: posting copyrighted content that is stolen out of a pay site member area, sharing content from a pay site, talking about p2p downloading, etc.

  • These violations are both expiring and permanent depending on the severity.

Serious Violations: password sharing, spamming the board, advertising your own site/links without the permission of FreeOnes, harassment of other members.

  • These infractions are permanent and will usually ban a member for some space of time. If enough of these infractions are given to a member for their bad behaviour, then the member could be banned permanently.

What are custom infractions?

  • If your behaviour is serious enough to warrent it, a FreeOnes Team Member may choose to give you a custom infraction, which could be any number of points. This could ban you temporarily, or permanently, depending on what you have done and how many infraction points you already have.

I got an infraction, what now?

If you only have one or two points, nothing will happen unless you decide to continue to ignore the Board Rules. The following list is the progression you can expect if you continue to incure infraction points:

  • 5 Infraction Points = A temporary 3 day ban from the FreeOnes Message Board.
  • 10 Infraction Points = A temporary 7 day ban from the FreeOnes Message Board.
  • 15 Infraction Points = A temporary 2 week ban from the Freeones Message Board.
  • 20 Infraction Points = A temporary 1 month ban from the Freeones Message Board.
  • 30 Infraction Points = A permanent ban from the FreeOnes Message Board.

Closed Accounts and Bans

What is the difference between a ban and a closed account?

The difference between an account that has been banned and an account that has been closed is that members who have voluntarily closed their accounts can request that their account is re-opened.

What do I do if I want my account closed?

If you want your account closed, please contact a moderator and they can direct you to the FreeOnes Team Member that can assist you best.

What kind of things can get me banned from the message board?

The easiest way to get your account banned from this message board is to ignore our Board Rules.

If you ban me, I'll just make another account!

That's fine, but then you will be permanently banned from the board. Don't forget, if you received a ban from an Infraction, most of those bans are temporary. If you make another account to argue your cause or to come back and cause trouble, you will be banned from the board forever.

Who do I talk to if I think I'm unfairly banned?

If you think you were unfairly banned you may write to us at Please make sure to include your username.

Important Note: Only the FreeOnes Team can lift a permanent ban. All decisions are final.

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