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Russian Countess In Exile - Watch A Royal Smoke With True Distinction and Class!

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Do you know about those old school Russian Movies where the Ladies are Always Classy, dressed in fur and Casually Smoking? Well that's Me, now, in this Smoking Fetish Show! And smoking a Papirosa Style Cigarette, no less. The brand is called Vityaz (витязь) -it means Brave- and it is very rough! I mean it, these are the coarsest most toxic and cough inducing Cigarettes I have ever smoked! Real Russian Stuff! So cum watch me puff the thickest, whitest smoke you've ever seen on film!

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I'm a Russian countess that has been exiled from her native country for dangerous political statements and manifestos published underground and grew viral. I may be in exile, but my soul stays Russian, I won't renounce the things that comfort me: high-life, smoking hard, rugged cigarettes and fur, God, how I love fur! I smoke a very special type of cigarettes, in Russia they're called papirosa: <> I smoke the brand Vityaz, a soviet brand very trending in the 70's. I light my cigarette with matches, but not any kind of ordinary matches, but some matches I bought a long time ago from Saint Petersburg. As you can see for yourself the metallic case is very artsy and chic looking. I cannot say the same about the cigarettes: they are the most rugged, harsh tobacco I've ever smoked in my life! The smoke is very thick, vaporizer-thick I mean. Every smoke damages my lungs bit by bit, I can feel the pungent particles stinging my throat and interior of my mouth. It's hard not to cough when inhaling this type of smoke, shaggy and tough, this type of cigarettes surely doesn't target women, but, on the other hand, I am Russian Woman!
Resolution: 1920x1080 HD
Framerate: 30fps
Length: 5:45min

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