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Entry 2: Lena Li mic session with dcopley and enzzo

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So after recently setting up a Discord chat, I hadn’t been able to organise any chat and jerk sessions with fellow porn bro’s. Eventually dcopley and I were on at the same time, and we were joined by another porn enthusiast, enzzo. We were chatting about worshipping our favourite babes, when dcopley came through as always with a babe I hadn’t seen before. Lena Li. And man, is she phenomenal.
Lena 15.jpg
I’ve had some chat and some mic sessions with dcopley before, and they have been great fun. I remember one mic session that was particularly intense, and it had been a while since I had been able to chat and jerk with anyone, and with the images we were sending, I was rock hard. I couldn’t help but start to stroke as I shared images of big tited porn sluts surrounded by thick cocks, enzzo shared his favourite stars in the hottest positions and dcopley kept sharing more of the amazing Lena Li. Soon enough all of us were jacking it hard.
Eventually after on and off micing, dcopley jumped back on and we were chatting about how incredible Lena’s body is. Her long black hair (and I mean long), her incredible huge tits and her fucking perfect legs that look so good spread wide whilst she smiles knowingly at the camera. Dcopley sent me a link for a gallery and we kept putting up our favourite pics and working into a jackin frenzy, until we jumped on the mic and the real fun began.

We kicked of around the 12:28 mark and there was no holding back, we were straight into. Hearing a fellow porn worshiper moan and shout about how fucking good it was to jerk to her and share in the enjoyment, it was intense right away. We shared pics back and forth, talking about the position, her face, her breasts, how’d we would like to fuck her and wreck her in a double penetration. Every picture chosen sent us into even more ecstasy, Lena is phenomenal and hearing our shared enjoyment just made everything so much better. The sound of us grunting, the sounds of us stroking our cocks furiously to this womans amazing breasts was what I always wanted from jerking and sharing. It was becoming a frenzy.
Lena 22.jpg
Things got even better when enzzo jumped back on and joined us around 12:45. It was so fucking great having three of us going at it, I could hear ever step of enzzo’s enjoyment and it made everything so much better. Soon enough I realised how much these guys enjoyed the pics of Lena in heels, and I started finding as many as I could. We all declared how good our cocks felt, being stroked to this big titted babe and how much better it was hearing each other’s enjoyment. The moans were becoming less controlled, and soon enough the pics were slowing down and we were really enjoying each one. All you could hear through the mic was moans of pleasure, growls about her incredible breasts and the sounds of our hands stroking our cocks intensely. We were all talking about how much precum was slathering our cocks, and we needed to look at cumming soon, it was fucking intense.

About 1:05 we were all agreed we needed to cum to something, and I found the perfect picture, it’s the one attached to this post. It had everything. Her perfect exposed breasts, amazing long legs and thighs with her feet strapped into hooker heels and her hair spread back behind her. It was the perfect image and we all agreed to cum together. We counted down, built up and on dcopley’s words, fired when ready.

The orgasm, was beyond intense. Hearing my fellow porn bro’s moaning and growling and jacking their cocks to this incredible woman, all of us all giving her our cum…it was something else…and man did we cum. Loud and hard and all to Lena Li. I was so satisfied afterwards and so glad..this is exactly what I wanted the chat thread to be! So fucking satisfying taking porn passion to the next level. Such a good worship.
Cannot wait, for the next session, the UMT chat will become something all masturbation and porn enthusisats at Freeones can enjoy…I can’t wait for the next multi mic session. Now I’ve written this…I need to cum again.


  1. Threesome's Avatar
    damn dude, hot post - gotta get in on a session with a few fellow porn bros at once. Had a few great group sessions on JackinChat a couple of years back, but only been able to get ones going with one other bro at a time since.