View Full Version : [SCENE REQUEST] Husband friends

2015-08-23, 09:19
Hello everyone!

I came across a very hot scene, unfortunately I have lost the link to it and can't find it again. So I would be very gratefull if someone could tell me more about it just by description.

The scene is following: Husband invites his friends over to his house to watch a football (I think) match. When friends come over his wife is complaining about something so he sends her to get popcorns and beer. First she get the pocporns and ''accidentally'' some of them get into her strap shirt. And one of friends helps her. Then she get bear and ''accidentally'' spills some of it one same guys pants. Somwhere in between, not sure later or earlier, because there was not enough space she sat on that guys lap. After spilling the beer they both go to kitchen so she can clean it and there they are starting to have sex. After some time other guys also go to kitchen and join in. As husband was left alone to watch the game he comments something about it and also decides to go to kitchen to see whats happening. Later husband also joins.

Please help, I am desperate to find it.

Thank you.