View Full Version : [SCENE REQUEST] Blonde girl's POV analgasm

Tanky Nasus
2015-08-22, 01:34
I've been trying forever to find my all-time favorite scene that used to be on Adult Bouncer. The actress has a pure anal orgasm (no other stimulation) in POV missionary. When she has it, the male actor says something like "Wow, you had an anal orgasm. Ha Ha, you had an ANALGASM!" It was almost like he made it up on the spot. Things I remember:

1. Seemed a bit amateur; could have even been a self-made movie
2. White couple; female had shorter blonde hair, girl was 20ish with a slight build and small, round butt like Mia Rose
3. Bedroom scene with natural lighting.
4. I think the scene was very long (an hour or so).
5. Would have been on Adult Bouncer 10-15 years or so ago
6. Mixture of POV and fixed camera work
7. I recall them getting a PHONE CALL at one point during the scene but I don't remember what it was about
8. It reminds me a lot of the Missy Monroe scene in "POV Overdose"
9. The actress was very natural and into the scene; no "porn acting"

Any help or leads I'd massively appreciate. I even reopened my Adult Bouncer account a couple times and scoured the whole site for the scene with no luck :(

Tanky Nasus
2015-09-16, 23:50

Tanky Nasus
2015-10-09, 01:34
Actually found it here http://xhamster.com/movies/2289562/amature_anal.html.

Sucks that the sound is out o fsync, but that should be fixable