View Full Version : [SCENE REQUEST] Thief fucks parole board - from a porn circa 1991-1994

2015-08-19, 17:18
I've been trying to find this scene from my youth where this blonde is put before her parole board.

For years, I thought it might be Missy or Jenteal, but I can't be sure.

The parole board consisted of a blonde, an Asian, and a guy with a beard. They were all interested in finding out why the thief was able to rob the jewelry store so easily. She shows the Asian girl how... by coming on to her.

She rubs the asian's neck, then her tits, slowly peeling the asian's clothes off.

The guy with the beard gets flustered and says he's going to get a guard, but the blonde tells him to "wait, not be so hasty" and comes in to him.

The thief tries to make a break for it while the parole board fucks each other, but she gets caught by the guard and is escorted back to her cell.

The parole board continues fucking.

Anyone remember this AMAZING scene?

Any ideas?