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2004-03-17, 16:09
I have read the rules and understand them. However, the two attachments (pictures that I felt did not violate these rules) I have posted since I have been activated have been deleted by moderators. I am just curious as to why they were deleted. Am I not following the rules? I'm not trying to be rude. I am just politely inquiring.


2004-03-17, 16:46

That is a old thread when people could pretty much upload pics when they wanted. You can't upload pic after pic anymore of chicks for others to see.

2. You may post any picture from, http://photos.freeones.com on the board, as long as you post the gallery url in your post.
3. Thread starters may post pictures, thread repliers aren't allowed to, unless pictures are from point 2.

That pic wasn't from freeones and if it was the gallary url wasn't included.

Get it?

2004-03-17, 18:37
yep FB is right. It was an old thread that already had loads of pics on it so thereofre no more pics could be added to it as it would have to many pics and therefore break the rules.

2004-03-17, 23:50
I understand. Thank you for clearing that up.