View Full Version : [SCENE REQUEST] Two teen housesitters/housekeepers discover milf houseowner's dress and get seduced by her

2015-08-07, 20:55
Hi all,

There's a scene I really enjoyed but can't find any more.

Basically what happens is that there is a houseowner who is going to host an event/party in her home later that day. She has two teenage housekeepers/housesitters. They stumble upon the dress the owner will be wearing to the event/party and try it on. The owner catches them in the act and seduces them into having sex with her.

Anyone knows the scene?

2015-08-08, 21:18
I can't believe it. I just found it by chance, when I wasn't even searching for it!

It's a scene starrring Megan Salinas, Raven LeChance & Zoey Foxx.