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2015-08-06, 15:15
I've been looking for a scene I saw somewhat recently.
Missy nicole in a threesome or four some. At least one dude and two girls including herself.
Toward the end Missy Nicole is riding a guy missionary with the camera behind her ass filming her ride his dick with her feet up on his lap under her ass.
I believe the dude is reaching for her feet on his lap while he gets fucked. He eventually pulls out last minute from being ridden missionary and quickly tries to make an effort cumming on her soles nearby.

If anyone can find this scene I would greatly appreciate it. been difficult to find, especially searching missy nicole feet related searches. there are a few others that flood the search results but are not the correct one. i dont believe the video has much foot fetish in it except for the end trying to unload blindly on her soles immediately after he pulls out at the last second.

thanks again!

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2016-10-27, 14:35
*not sure how you ride someone missionary?..:dunno:
in this scene she is riding cowgirl

hope its the right scene