View Full Version : mid or late 90s

2015-08-06, 14:04
guys i am looking this two movies which i had seen on vhs in mid or late 90s looking it badly if any one can help me out it will be great i am very bad at describing things but still tried to write whatever i remember abt that movie below.
please help me with your feed

1) its full length movie with story.in last scene i guys starts having sex with one girl and after some time door bell rings and this guy hides this women in another room and opens door to find another girl visiting him..they both start to have sex and then again door bell rings So again this men hides this second women in other room and goes to open door only to find another girl on door...they both start having sex and this guys now and than keeps on visiting other two room and have sex with them also.....
any one knows which movie is this

2) this is also movie which i saw in late 90s it has one scene where a guy and his wife or gf are having sex on table while many people are looking them..just looking and not participating and in last scene same guy is having sex at night with some blond pool(not sure if it was pool or just lawn) and his wife is sleeping inside wakes up and fingers herself.

thank you