View Full Version : Threesome - skinny blonde in red stockings - old redlight.com scene please help

2015-07-31, 20:45
Hi all,

This may be a difficult one to track down, it goes back to the kazaa days late 1990s when the original redlight.com site had some preview vids around (video had the www.redlight.com logo in corner). The scene was a threesome from memory ffm. There was a sofa involved.

Most importantly the thing that stands out was a skinny blonde in red stockings, possibly with garter. I remember she had short trimmed hair downstairs, got some cunnilingus from the other female, and then rides the guy. Perhaps at one point she gets picked up while in reverse cow-girlish position.

THere is a chance she had braces or slight gap-tooth (minor buck tooth).

Looks a littllle bit like sasha blonde crossed with dina pearl.
THanks in advance to anyone who helps solve this mystery.