View Full Version : Brunette/black haired "college" girl picked up by a black guy with BBC

The Lurker
2015-07-19, 01:23
So I don't remember many details about this scene as it has been years since I've seen it, but I've been trying to find it for what seems like forever.

It starts out with a black guy and the cameraman looking at a campus map and a brunette (or black haired) "student" walks up to them. She has glasses on I think. She offers to help them find the building they're looking for or something, the black guy says he's an exchange student from Zimbabwe.

They bring the girl somewhere, they fuck on a white couch, she gets a nice cumshot to the mouth.

Before the scene ends, she playfully slaps him after the cumshot and says "now go back to your country" and the black guy looks into the camera and says something like "now I go back to Zimbable" (with the "l", so phonetically sounds like zim-bob-lay").

Eternal happiness to whomever can help me find this scene again.

The Lurker
2015-08-02, 23:49

The Lurker
2015-08-30, 20:49
Bump. The more I think about it, the more I think the actor was Lexington Steele...

Still a longshot but any help is appreciated.