View Full Version : [SUGGEST SCENE] In search of Emmi Blake

2015-07-10, 04:55
Thats the name on her twitter account and OC Models. I also know she did a video for netvideogirls listed as Emmi. I'm wondering does she has anything else out? I've searched but I haven't found anything. Did she maybe do something earlier with a different name?

Thanks in advance.

2015-07-16, 18:02
She's only done the netvideogirls scene so far. She's brand new.

2015-08-30, 17:51
And....apparently that will be her only scene. Emmi decided porn wasn't for her and left the biz. There is a chance she filmed one or two more scenes, so it's possible we'll still be seeing more of her. But it won't be much more, that seems clear.

And you never know, she could return. I wouldn't bet on it, but you just never know what may happen.

2015-08-30, 21:48
Yeah I saw her twitter is down. I took that to mean she was one and done.

2015-09-19, 18:19
Her friend Brooklyn Chase stated that Emmi decided porn just wasn't for her. Our loss. I really liked her.