View Full Version : [SCENE REQUEST] ~1992, "just stick the head in", domineering woman, birthmark near vagina

2015-04-22, 12:00
I've been trying for years to locate this scene to no avail. It's quite old so this could be a long shot. Last time I saw it was in c.a. 1992, but I have a semi-vivid memory of it:

(1) most likely film is from 1991 or 1992, not earlier than 1990
(2) Couple scene, I think woman had dark hair maybe wavy, woman very domineering, gives lots of commands, red panties I think
(3) Guy eats out woman while she's standing up, she says "Gonna make it nice and slippery for your cock"
(4) Woman lays on couch directs guy to "Just stick the head in" at first, she continues to tell him what to do.
(5) Woman has beauty mark/mole next to vagina on pubic area (pretty sure about this though could also be on guy's dick or woman's face, definitely a dark brown mole somewhere though)
(6) I believe it was a Caballero video w/ with either Ron Jeremy, Randy West, Peter North, Joey Silvera or any combination thereof. At the end they all get together for a bar scene with bluish,purplish lighting as in a number of Caballero videos.

I know it's not a whole lot to go on and some of my details are hazy but maybe someone out there has seen it.

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