View Full Version : Help with Eva Angelina scene

2015-04-15, 20:19
I saw one of her scenes long ago, but I can't remember the name or company. What I remember is:

1). It occurred in a hotel room.
2). Eva had her breast implants (so not pre-2005)
3). She was a school-girl in this scene.
4). There was no penetration or oral sex. The male never took off his pants, in fact. He simply groped and dry-humped her.
5). The male partner was African-American; he was fairly buff.
6). Eva got slapped/punched (parody) during the scene.
7). The male was looking for some key, which Eva insisted that she did not have ("I'm just a student").
8). She found the male when she opened her closet door, and he had sunglasses on (which he wore until Eva slapped him).