View Full Version : [SCENE REQUEST] Date With A Blonde Ends Up In Bed

2015-03-30, 03:52
hi folks, im brand new here. I just signed up because i saw that you have this cool scene request feature :)

I've been looking for a scene that I last saw about 3 - 5 years ago. I think it's possibly from a reality site (BangBros, Naughty Am) but I can't seem to find it looking through their site archives.

I believe it starts with a date between a guy and a super-cute blonde where they end up at some batting cages or a baseball field. She is wearing sports shorts. In the past couple of years of not seeing it, I sure HOPE i'm not randomly putting together two unrelated scenes, but I can tell you for sure that the actress is blonde and thst she is wearing sporty shorts, not demin shorts.

They end up in the dude's bedroom. In one of the super-steamy moments, the dude is sitting up on the bed and the blonde stands on the bed with her crotch moving closer to his face. She pulls her shorts to one side and he proceeds to lick away.

The scene continues on, but that cunnilingus is what stuck with me the most. I have no clue who the actor or actress are... sorry, just can't remember.

This is driving me crazy... looking forward to seeing that scene again. I've gone to a number of reality sites looking through scenes including blondes, dating, sports... no luck.

I hope this jogs someone's memory enough to hopefully help :)