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2003-06-28, 17:01
Although this has absolutlely nothing to do with babes i just wanted to pay tribute to footballer Marc Vivien Foe. As most people who live in England and the rest of Europe know the Cameroon International died whilst playing the semi final of the confederations cup. May we all just take a moment to remember him and to also think how precious life is and how easily it can be taken away. If a fit 28 year old footballer can die while playing football then the rest of us need to enjoy what we have. He has left behind a young family and although im sure no one connected will read this im sure they know our hearts go out to his whole family and all those associated with him.

Sorry for making this post but im sure many people wil agree with me.

2003-06-28, 17:23
Absolutely, I was watching the game and just had this immediate bad feeling that there was something seriously, seriously wrong, normally the worst injury we expect in that situation is a "swallowed tongue" that was my initial thought, but it quickly became clear that was not the case, i was outraged by the medics who didn't seem to know what was going on, and even dropped him on the way off the field (never ever seen that before).

I then heard the tragic news soon after, and like all the football world that have come out with messages of condolence and support to his young family it is echoed by everyone.

I have to say that my eyes were welling up, seeing gregory coupet at the french national anthem for the turkey game. I cannot imagine what will happen tomorrow night, I would expect that tomorrow you will see an outpouring of grief from the 2 sides never before seen on a sporting field.

The irony also that Foe's nation come against his adopted nation and where he spent a significant portion of his career. I feel desperately for the Cameroon side, I have always had a soft spot for them ever since they caused my country's biggest embarressment at the 1990 World Cup!

This has hit the football world real hard, you expect to see many things on a football field, we've all seen moments of excellence to the most ridiculos.....you cannot prepare yourself for this kind of thing.

I was going to say something like how it would be a fitting tribute for cameroon to win tomorrow, but ultimately we know the confederations is not much more than an opportunity for FIFA to make money, in which case i still would like to see them win, but for once tomorrow night, football will not be the most important thing in the world.

2003-06-29, 15:02
Just bumping this to the top to make more aware. Wont do it again.

2003-06-29, 15:07
Very sorry to hear of the loss. My condolences to everyone affected by this.