View Full Version : Who decides my usertitle, text under avatar

2006-05-19, 07:51
Oooops, I wrote "under", I mean of course "over" my avatar.
Who decides my usertitle, the text over my avatar? It changes automatically all the time, can I create my own?

2006-05-19, 07:57
It's just something related to your number of posts. It has no real meaning, but is just there for fun. I haven't kept count of it, but it seems to change for every 5 or 10 posts you make.(outside of the games section)

I think that only mods and such have a fixed title.

2006-05-20, 06:12
The text are sayings that change in relation to your post count.

They change rapidly at first, but the longer you are here and the more your post count increases the longer it will take to change.

Only Admin, SuperMods, Moderators, FreeOnes Crew Members, and Officially Checked Star Members have set User Name Text.