View Full Version : Is There A Time Limit To View Certain Model Images?

2006-01-21, 12:07
I ask this because 6 months ago I downloaded pornstars Alexis Amore and Anetta Keys and now those folders are gone from my desktop but many others are still there. Is this for copyright protection reasons?


2006-01-21, 12:35
I've heard of this with video clips...but never pictures...:dunno:

2006-01-21, 16:35
Your folders/pics were misplaced or accidently deleted.

2006-01-22, 01:30
I found out that when I was putting clip files to my picture folder, the pictures of these models disappeared because I had to bring the space in order to put two folders which I could see on my desktop. (wish there was an emoticon with someone shooting themself in the head as if to say Duh?!) Thanks to all those who answered my question.