View Full Version : Naked students in Montreal

2012-05-19, 21:43
Students in Montreal get in the streets naked two times agains the rise of the University fee.

Now, the government Try to stop them with controversial law?...Bad decision.


Will E Worm
2012-05-20, 14:03
Good decision. It's called public indecency. Follow the rules or suffer the consequences. :elaugh:

2012-05-21, 20:55
University fees? Here in NJ all undergrads pay a mandatory student activity fee. The students form a board to allocate where the money goes. Remember who got $32k to speak at Rutgers? Snookie. Don't march on your administration, march on your student union. How many poetry readings costs them a thousand dollars to have 15 people show up? In NY part of the activity fee goes to the NY Public Interest Research Group. NYPIRG for short. Look them up. They are a left wing lobbyist organization. LAWYERS. You are paying fucking LAWYERS.

At the age of 16 or 17, kids commit money that you will have to pay back in the future and they have no idea where that money is going. I went to SUNY New Paltz from 1977-1981. We had Jerry Garcia play there for a show. They booked him at a price plus expenses. Figured on a price for tickets based upon cost of venue security, setup, printing, cleanup, insurance. All of that good shit. The student union wasn't looking to make money off of this but have a nice show that could break even.

How wrong they were. Jerry brought his crew plus a dozen others that did nothing more than hold a Jerry pass and said pass the bill to Jerry. His contract was open to extra costs for food, drink, transportation and other incidentals. Add in the fact that he was guaranteed booked for his next venue and the group couldn't get out the door on time, Jerry and his crew cost more money to book a later flight. About $13k in overrun for that one show. Right out of our student activity fees.


2012-05-25, 00:29
Pics or it didn't happen. ;)