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2012-04-21, 00:19
Most people call themselves "conservative," or "Republican," and who recycle the chatter about Republicans and Conservatives can not possibly be either thinking or hearing whatever is coming out of their mouths. Economically, militarily, socially, religiously, everything is justification for anything other than reality.

We all knew that the economy was in the toilet when Obama got elected in 2008. Who didn't know? The turd in the toilet?
Let's be honest.
I know it costs money to flush the toilet. But it will get rid of the mess. And get rid of the stink. No one likes the idea of flushing the toilet, but it's better than just letting it sit there. What is the Republican/Conservative response to the turd sitting in the toilet . . . a) save water. Don't flush.
b) scoop it out and save water . . . but I didn't see any hands go up volunteering to do the scooping. c) blame Obama for flushing. AND saying that the bathroom smells, AND saying that he wasted water.
So when Romney, or a Republican surrogate says that he didn't get rid of the smell, they are either saying: " I wouldn't have flushed," or "I would have lied and you're too stupid to know that I would have lied." Or . . . the millions of dumps would NEVER get flushed on MY watch because back when the Constitution was written and the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, we didn't HAVE toilets, so it's our FREEDOM not to flush. And anyone who voted for that crock, or keeps voting for it, or still believes it, really need to consider going public assistance for the mentally deficient.

This is typical logic. I used to have a girlfriend who's parents were Rush Limbaugh fans. Taped his shows and had us listen to them. I know the blah, blah, blah. Loves Glen Beck, Loves Hannity. C'mon, give me a break. These people make money off of people who are stupid enough to laugh to say "oh yeah!!" when the foreclosure notice arrives. When the pink slip is handed out. I used to do these massive Christmas parties for corporate and financial companies. I'd watch them being silly and getting drunk and just feel bad for them, because you knew that everyone who was invited, was there so they could be "laid off" just before the holidays. Merry Christmas sucka!!! And EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, hated Democrats and Obama.
You'd see their grim faces walking out of the buildings with their stuffed bags and new boxes of old files.

The funny thing about politics is that I'm originally from Chicago. A city with over 50 years of Democratic mayors. The City That Works. The city of rigged elections and corrupt politicians. BUT, when you wanted something done, you called someone, and it got taken care of in hours. So I'm used to the idea of Republicans rigging elections and taking the money from corporations. But the difference? In Chicago things got done for your neighborhood, for your family, for your kids. And you were grateful and you voted for those good ole boys.
But nationally? We've been getting screwed for years. And we still keep electing these people. Do you know what they sell? I'll do nothing for you, not help you, and let you be free to fend for yourself against the corporations, lobbies and industries . . . and you STILL vote for these people??

Freedom? Freedom from what and for what? To pay higher prices for every educational level? To be taxed more heavily locally? Freedom for you to be pissed off at bad cell phone companies, banks that raise fees, high credit card interest rates, utilities that keep rising, gas that hovers in the five dollar ranger while the oil companies brag about multiple quarters of unmatched profits?
When they talk about Freedom, are they talking about the Freedom to get screwed? The people who are voting for this "freedom" certainly aren't talking about the Freedom to screw someone else, because they're the ONLY ones getting screwed - any merrily going only and voting for it, supporting it and blathering on.

I like my Freedom to have this opinion. I like the Freedom to voice this. But I would do it in a state in which I might be imprisoned too. But that is not the ONLY freedom. And it doesn't DEFINE Freedom. My parents came from oppressed countries. I have many, many friends from communist, socialist, dictatorships and corrupt countries. Their lack of freedom is not that much different than our self-imposed lack of freedom - but they recognize it, we don't.
This isn't to suggest anyone here thinks either one way or another. And the purpose isn't to be offensive, but simply to ask us all to consider our long held, and often logically-impaired beliefs. Even if you are right today, that doesn't guarantee that you are right tomorrow. It doesn't guarantee that the world doesn't change. So all I can say for today, is vote for the hottest babe who makes the most sense, and stop picking on people, and look before you leap. If the babe has a nice ass, or a nice smile, or a nice set of tatas, just ask her if she'll flush before leaving the bathroom. Or not.

Just a thought.

Straight Shooter
2017-03-08, 21:43
Republicans don't care about poor people. It's the party of the wealthy.