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2011-12-16, 00:42
so it's been probably about 5 years now that I have been wanting a hard cock in my mouth (and ass, but that's a different thread). I have never been with a guy, but also have not been with a girl in quite some time. this results in a whole lotta watching porn. I've reached a point to where when I do watch porn, it has to be on the widescreen television, computer monitor, laptop and portable dvd player all at once. a few times I even had some playing on the cell phone. every screen is showing the same thing. cock sucking. there isn't much better than some chick sucking two at once.

so my question is: how much do you like sucking dick? is it everything I am thinking it is? does anyone live in San Diego and want theirs sucked?

2012-05-11, 06:16
I like sucking cocks but I live far from San Diego...

2012-05-11, 10:49
I live in PA and would love mine sucked! Plus I would totally suck your cock too. It's only fair.

2012-06-09, 09:56
I like sucking cocks but I live far from San Diego...

Gay men do this. It is what we do and like. Find someone close to you Explore and have fun.

2012-06-11, 18:43
Speaking of sucking cocks:


I'd like to lick that cumm off his belly.

2012-06-29, 18:50
I love sucking dick, but I too live far from California. I'd love to suck and get sucked and get fucked! :)