View Full Version : Cannot post except for here

2005-12-11, 23:49
I registered and got email w/ activation code, clicked on link and entered username + activation code and it errors out saying "invalid webpage". Tried to reregister, and resend code, still cant post except for in the section. Please help

2005-12-12, 11:40
account activated!

Asian Knight
2005-12-31, 18:35
Got the same prob as Brunettelover. Can a mod plz help me?

2012-10-14, 08:47
can't post anything! Why?

2012-10-15, 03:33
can't post anything! Why?

You can post but if you have less than 5 posts made than your posts are being moderated and need to be approved before they show up.
So basically, post more ;)