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slut princess
2003-11-27, 10:04
I'm slut princess on the forums and I can't post, I can log in ok but posting it says my account is disabled or I dont have rights to post:(

2003-11-27, 10:36
i am sorry to hear that:(

hoping that your problem will be solved



2003-11-27, 10:39
this is very very strange. You account says:
"User waiting for email confirmation"

that means the activation email you get when you sign up. We have upgraded the board today, but it should not have to do anything with this.

We will invest this further. I have updated your account to the right status.

2003-11-27, 10:50
thank you for your help freeones:hatsoff::thumbsup:

warmest regards


2003-11-28, 07:14
I've checked the log files. I see that you changed your emailaddress. (true? ;))

Did you received the confirmation email? And if you did receive it, did you following the link in that email?