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2003-10-23, 15:08
How long does it take to post a pic in the message area? (The big ones) There has gotta be a faster way cause i put a pic in my message and its not there yet so no1 can help me cause pic aint there... Is there a faster way besides links cause i dont have a link i just have the pic.

2003-11-12, 18:20
Seeing as how nobody has replied to your post (for nigh on 2 months), I will try and answer your question fair n' true, even though I'm probably not the best person to ask. But then hey, you weren't asking for anyone in particular so you can't be too fussy can ya!

Anyway, in a nutshell, any pictures that you include in your posts as 'attachments' have to be approved by a Moderator. There are quite a few Moderators on this board, and without meaning to sound like I am sucking up to 'em or nothin', they're pretty quick at approving/disapproving pics. So, you see, it really depends on if there is a Moderator present at the time of your post, and on how busy they are moderating at the time.

If you don't want to list links, you can usually link to the picture by clicking IMG and writing the link in the dialog box. Ofcourse, this doesn't always work (Some sites don't allow hot-linking). Plus, it does mean that everytime that pic it viewed, it is using up data transfer.

Well, hopefully I have answered your question, and not been too patronizing. Have a nice day.

2003-11-13, 01:29
Thanks for your help Tachi ;)

2003-11-13, 20:43
My pleasure http://forums.pnt.net/images/smiles/rollsmile.gif