View Full Version : General Help Plz!!

2003-10-23, 11:55
I want to know how to put a little pic under my name like most have?? I also want to post a big picture in my message so people can help me identify this woman I cant find. Im a noob at this please help me..:bowdown:

2003-10-23, 13:43
Hey there
;) I would like to know also - how to put a little pic under my name ;) XXX - Kristal Summers

2003-10-23, 14:01
go to your profile....go to edit options...at the bottom theres a thing called advatar...hit that and then you can upload a small pic....hope that helps folks?

2003-10-23, 14:02
and thanx you just reminded me to add mine on again

2003-10-23, 14:05
btw the way.....your really hot...but i geuss you already know that

2003-10-23, 14:41
Thx only problem now is finding one small enough all mine are too big!! lol:D