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2003-10-22, 11:56
My english isn't good but the picture is very funny, isn't it ???

Greetings to all from Germany :nanner:

2003-10-23, 14:38
Autsch! :D
(War für beide nicht angenehm) :D

2003-10-25, 13:00
Originally posted by zoechs
Autsch! :D
(War für beide nicht angenehm) :D

Naja, ich denke er hat es genossen!!! Sie wollte es ja so. Dieses Bild zeigt es ;) :D ;)

2003-10-28, 00:18
I have question. How do you say butterfly in german and when you are traveling on a highway what does the exit sign read in german?

2003-10-28, 20:11
In german you say "SCHMETTERLING" instead of butterfly!!

I don't understand the second question! When you leave a highway you have to use the "AUSFAHRT". Which sign you mean exactly?