View Full Version : Is this really a brit? Nella?

2003-06-12, 19:27
I suspect this lady is from the United States or Spain maybe, but she used to appear in a lot of british mags. Hold on, get the attachment....

2003-06-12, 19:42
And can you identify this lady? Far as I can tell she's got one identity as Candy Gram. Thought that might just be a modelling name.

2005-02-18, 12:15
does anyone have an id and links for these babes? thanks in advance

2005-02-18, 18:52
Ah, Georges, you'll have to go to Suze Randall's site for pictures of the Blonde, her name is candy ... cripe though I cannot locate her. Truth is, that pic was on freeones.com as 'candy apples'. I suspect freeones knows who here real identity is.

Nella, nella meredith I think. Can't find no site for the lady. That pic itself is found along with Emma Caesari.

2005-02-18, 19:03
thanks for the tip vorgrus :thumbsup: and welcome back :)

2005-02-18, 19:05
Good to see you Georges. Always around but never have the time... Check myfreeones every weekend though....