View Full Version : Problems Posting/Responding???

2005-05-20, 02:58
Greetings Mods & All,
I have just returned from an enforced stint away from my computer, apartment, life, etc. Before I left Freeones was a normal part of my day and I would like to resume it but whenever I try to post a reply or start a new thread I am told I don't have permission to do so. I am just wondering if there are some new rules and or regulaations that I need to know about? Just wondering and thanks.

2005-05-20, 04:08
when you log in click on the button that save something like : "remember me very time i log in ..." or something like this!
i m guessing that when you click on a new page at freeones then it log you out automatically!
check if you have any cookie blocker!!!if you do let freeones cookie to be placed in your pc!!!