View Full Version : I am looking for this POP-UP Link

2003-10-15, 13:47
There was This Link that I used to have in my comp butt lost during reformating.

When you clicked on it a PoP-Up Window would come on your comp and start saying "Your and idiot, Your and idiot,Your and idiot"

And when you close the main Window it would open many smaller windows and usally crash a comp.

Plez Help me out:( :( :(

Thx every1

2003-10-15, 14:39
I remember there was one which looked like it was a link to a porn site, but when you clicked it, it went to some site and threw up millions of popups in an attempt to screw up your browser. I think I had to force-quit to escape from it!

Bomis (http://www.bomis.com) have some funny link banners...

2003-10-15, 14:40

2003-10-16, 00:03
All you need to do is CTRL-ALT-DELETE and it will get rid of it.