View Full Version : Leisure Suite Larry: Magna Cum Laude

2005-05-04, 01:52
This game turned out to be much better than I had thought. Very addictive.

Does anyone know the names of the modles they used to depict the babes o the lode screans?

2005-05-29, 23:31
for what pc??

2005-05-30, 08:34
this pc game is shit, I have tryed the demo and it suxx.. :(
I think that playboy:mansion is a way better, the babes looks a way sexier :thumbsup:

2005-06-05, 11:29
i remember leisure suit larry. 2d version hahah that was soo jokes.. that and police quest

2005-06-19, 14:25
i wish i knew the girls names too i have it for xbox i almost bought the unrated version for pc but i had betten the game a couple times pretty fun i might hols on to it maybe some day i will try to beat it again

2005-06-19, 20:18
dont know the girls,, i enhjoyed the game too and would like to find out if anyone knows

2005-06-20, 05:09
This game is great. Very funny somtimes.

but dont last for so long.... :-(

Playboy mansion sucks, thats a clone of Sims. Do someone tryed the game "Singels"?