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2005-04-25, 10:01
Is a excelent games and one of the fights againt bosses is excelents is the one against the End is total sniper fight

2005-04-25, 14:05
do you know if its going to be out for pc?

2005-04-25, 18:36
Usualy they are released ofr pc but in dates i dont know

maybe in www.gamefaqs.com there is something about that m8.

2005-04-29, 14:40
Top game. :thumbsup: I'll admit, I've neglected it while I've been playing on Midnight Club 3, but I'll be back in the jungle soon! :ak47:

2005-05-04, 03:35
yeah snake eater was good,took me a while to finish it right now i'm playing splinter cell: chaos theory

2005-05-04, 03:53
great game! i believe it push PS2 graphics to its limit!!!!

2005-05-04, 07:21
that game was friggin awsome, did you sneek up behind the end? if you hold him up with the shotgun you'll get a nice suprise :thumbsup:

2005-05-06, 01:08
How long is Metal Gear 3? I heard it was a little short and I didn't know if I wanted to buy it right away.

2005-05-06, 15:18
One. Metal Gear 3 do not exist, because it's finish to Metal Gear 2, the game's name is Metal Gear Solid 3. And 8ball, if you are a mgs pro you'll take 8 hours to finish him in normal but if you play relax you can finish him in 25 hours... For me it's the best game on PS2.

niky 6
2005-05-06, 15:31
i have played metal gear 1 i think,the one where to the end fight with your own brother,on playstation,is one of the best games!! :thumbsup:

2005-05-09, 01:44
i have played metal gear 1 i think,the one where to the end fight with your own brother,on playstation,is one of the best games!! :thumbsup:
Good game. :thumbsup: A lot better than number 2 if you ask me. The 2nd one just bored me to death.

2005-05-09, 14:58
one of the best PS2 games, i played it 6 months ago the first time and i always like to play it again and again...........i think one reason why it's such a good game is........there is no RAIDEN, i hate him xD, if you take solid snake he's cool, cold......and more and more.....and RAIDEN.......he's so......so.....you know what i mean.......
but do you know that you can kill the one boss enemy before the normal fight? i mean the old guy which is ''THE BEST SNIPER'', in the game you come once to a boat station or something like this and one of the soldiers is pushing the old guy on his wheelchair into the hall, than you take your sniper rifle out and shoot him in the head one or two or three times and then you don't have to ''fight'' against him. proove it, it worked in my version


2005-05-10, 00:27
Raiden. lol. I totally fogot about that guy.

2005-05-10, 05:48
yeah raiden pissed me off, he was so friggin stupid "yeah i've done it in VR" WTF?!!!

2005-05-16, 13:07
Raiden was gay, hated playing as him, though it was fun making him slip on the seagull shit.

yea, shooting the old guy while he's in the wheelchair does make it so you dont have to fight him.

random hero
2005-06-13, 07:48
yeh this game is awesome!the snipere fight against the end was excellent. i managed to shoot his parrot which he was not to happy about especially when i ate it! i think thats why he managed to sneak up behind me, snipe my side and send me into a jail cell! yeh and lke mostafa said if you already have the sniper rifle when you first see him being wheeled off you can snipe him and blow his wheelchair off making you not have to fight him. you can also save the game whilst fighting him. fast forward your playstation internal clock and then he will die of old age!

2005-11-10, 16:27
Metal Gear Solid kicks ass. I played all 3 Episodes now and I cant wait to play the 4th one. Snake Eater is one of my favourite games ever. I managed to get all the camos from the bosses and all videos. ive played on very easy till normal, but Im trying to play on hard or extreme in the next time.

2005-11-11, 13:47
I don't think I've played another game where you can just Judo-manhandle the big bad guy (Volgin) and pump buckshot into his ass while he's down.

It's a shame I only figured out how to do that stuff so late in the game...

Dick Hardly
2005-11-20, 03:04
Metal Gear Solid is one of my all-time faves. 3 did not disappoint either. I just finished it recently.

2005-11-21, 13:51
3 did push the ps2 to its limits, i remember when i was in the area with the crocodiles and the foggy swamp my ps2 started slowing down and it got really glichy. as far as a pc port i doubt it. are any of the others on pc? (besids emulators?)

2005-11-28, 22:16
all i have to say is: Awesome game....loves everysecond.

2005-11-29, 17:43
MGS 3 is definetly a good game. A nice change of pace from the previous 2.
I really liked the camouflage system and CQC techniques during combat.
I must say that the bossfight with The Fear was annoying, while I the sniperfight with The End was very pretty cool.