View Full Version : Anyone??

2005-04-15, 17:54
The female/shemale thread inspired this.Anyone ever picked up a babe and later found out she was a he?I'm also curious as to your reaction when you found out.

2005-04-15, 18:03
Nope, and I dont ever intend to,lol, because if I did, it could probably scar me for the rest of my life,lmao!!!!! :rofl:

Union Jax
2005-04-15, 18:04

Reading this thread...the movie Trainspotting came to mind when Begby pulled one and didnt know till he coped a feel.

That part was FAF!!! :D

2005-04-16, 00:24
No, I have not. Hopefully I would be able to tell by the voice or the facial stubble.

2005-04-16, 02:11
nope... but seen a few guys in drag that it was very hard to tell she was a he..

2005-04-16, 02:14
My mates and I have a saying.... What happens on tour, stays on tour!!!

2005-04-16, 09:48
One time my friends and I went to a gay bar with one of my gay friends. He needed support as this was his first time going to a gay club since "coming out". Anyways, I think one of my straight friends started dancing with a guy. He says he was sure it was a girl, but I am not so confident.