View Full Version : Try this... Spordaq & Celebdaq

2005-04-03, 10:20
On the radio five-live website (uk) they have these fun games.


The idea is simple, you buy 'virtual' shares in famous people and see whether their value goes up or down.
The value of these 'virtual' shares is dependant on how much that particular person is featured in papers or mentioned on Tv/ radio.
It doesn't cost anything to participate and there aren't any prizes, but it's fun anyway.
You start off with 10'000 of virtual cash and have to invest in as many or few people as you like.

I've been playing 'spordaq' a few weeks now and I have bumped-up my shares to over 60'000

I'm not doing so good at celebdaq, but I have bought some shares in Michael Jackson... their value is rising fast !

2005-04-03, 10:27
I've been doing Celebdaq for about 18 month now and i have almost 11 million quid! :nanner:

I just wish it was real money :(