View Full Version : The board being down.

Union Jax
2005-03-30, 00:24
Was Freeones down mostly all last night and all thru the night too?

I couldnt get in here at all until now and when i pressed new posts....there were only a few new ones.

2005-03-30, 01:03
I just got on too. You probably saw mine and Dunit's posts. MyFreeones was also down. :( It happens often but usually for 10 minutes at a time. What happened this time?

2005-03-30, 02:53
It was down for ages..i went to post on Nightfly's board instead..

2005-03-30, 05:56
It went down yesterday afternoon (USA time) and was not back up when I went to bed around midnight. Must have been a server issue. Glad it's back up and running! Wooohooo!!!! :nanner:

2005-03-30, 07:21
it was down for me the whole night east coast USA time. I wonder what happened.

2005-03-30, 08:49
I was really wondering if i got the boot or something ! :D

2005-03-30, 09:16
Down for me as well. Started running slow then bombed.